Sometimes the world can get too much. We all experience feelings of stress and anxiety at various points in our lives, some more than other. It can be difficult to step back and realize that things are getting on top of you, but once you do you’ve made the first step in the direction of relaxation. Follow this handy guide, full of top tips to help you wind down and decompress.


Deep breathing

Slow, deep breaths will lower blood pressure and heart rate and can help to lead to a meditative state. Whenever things get too much, take a few moments to focus on slowing your breathing, and you’ll start to feel calmer.


DIY foot massage

If there is nobody around for you to pester for a massage, take a golf ball and roll it on the floor under your foot. The pressure and concentration will help to distract your mind.


Unclutter your life

A cluttered home or work desk can create stress. It also costs valuable time and energy to find where things have been hidden. Spend a few hours tidying up, organizing your belongings, and aim to stick to it. You’ll feel calmer as a result.



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Make your bedroom a haven

You need somewhere in your home that you can go to relax, unwind, and forget the world. Your bedroom is as good a place as any for a chillout room. Make sure it’s comfortable, clean, and decorated in a way that makes you happy. Try to stick to neutral colors, and make sure your lighting can be adjusted dependent on the time of day.


Eat well and drink water

Your diet can have a huge effect on your stress levels. A healthy diet, including healthy snacks and sufficient water intake, will keep your blood pressure low, your circulation more efficient, and your overall feelings of health and wellbeing will be the best they can be.



Good scents

Some smells instill a sense of relaxation in us. Burn incenses and aromatherapy oils that you enjoy around your home to create an environment in which you can most easily relax. Let me know, what are your top 5 incences for relaxation?


Get fresh air

Make sure you go outside for a while every day and just breathe in the air. If the sun is out, make sure to feel it on your skin. Your body needs sunlight and air to be happy.



It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, but regular exercise is an excellent way to ensure that you can relax later. It releases endorphins which ease pain and contribute to feelings of happiness, but it also gets your blood pumping, and it’s a great time to try to gather your thoughts.


Keep a journal

Don’t try to remember every single thing that you’ve done and that you have to do. Allow yourself to spill it all onto paper, and then close the book and move on. It does wonders for clearing your head.



Whether with friends, family, or your beloved pet, make sure you spend time around other people regularly. Even the most introverted person needs to feel loved.


If you’re feeling stressed or struggle with relaxation, hopefully, this guide has helped give you some ideas for how to unwind and destress.

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