As we go through life and our families and hobbies grow, sometimes space can become a bit limited. It’s not just the people that cause problems; the biggest issue is the exceptional amount of stuff that kids accrue over the years. My little loaf of bread for example has taken over our kitchen with her toys!

But sometimes moving house, while the most tempting option, is not the best idea. The amount of stress that selling your house and buying a new one can put you under, it’s best to do it as few times as possible. Not to mention the upheaval that children are forced to go through when moving house. If you’re in a position where you can update and expand your home, instead of moving house altogether, you could save yourself a huge amount of money.


Make more space

An extension to add an extra room to both floors of your home can make a significant difference to the feel of the size of the house. A whole new kitchen diner, wet room, or storage room makes day to day life easier, and an extra bedroom upstairs allows the children to have more privacy as they grow older. You could even convert a loft space to add a further bedroom. Although an extension or a conversion can seem like a lot of money and stress, it’s still a whole lot easier than moving everything across town.


Picture your dream

The savings from not moving house now means you’ve got the money to remodel your current home to your exacting specifications. Why not call in an interior designer, such as someone from Kia Designs, and talk to them about how you’d like your home to look? It could be a lot easier to make your dream home a reality, and a lot cheaper than moving house.


Rearrange your rooms

If you don’t want to go as drastic as a complete remodel, why not try reconfiguring the way your rooms are used? Could you swap your living room and dining rooms to make a better use of space? Don’t let the rewiring or replumbing put you off - it’s still a whole lot cheaper than moving house, and it will feel like a whole new home. If your brood is growing, could it be worth you moving into a smaller bedroom so the children can share a larger room? And in rooms that you don’t want to chance, does the configuration of the furniture take full advantage of the space that’s available?


Treat yourselves

If you’re feeling disillusioned with the home that you have, take some time away on holiday, and come back to see it in a new light. It could be that your disgruntlement comes from feeling trapped within the same four walls. Plus, you’ll be able to afford a nice holiday from the money you’ve saved by avoiding upsizing.


While you may need to move into a bigger property a few years down the line, most people will agree that they’d prefer to get the most out of their current homes as a priority - moving house just isn’t fun, so we all tend to avoid it if we can.