Hello darlings,

most people prefer a lighter home, to a darker one, because as humans and diurnal beings, we are designed to seek out light. Personally, I am convinced that I suffer from a mood disease called sun-dependency, lol! No, seriously my mood is often sun related and I am lucky I live in a sunny country.


The evidence of the benefits of natural sunlight are widely documented, and the focus is really around how to get those natural rays, into a property in abundance. Whether you're looking to sell your home, improve the overall ambience of your home, or simply increase the light in the home because you love natural light, there are lots of ways you can go about getting a home positively filled with sunshine. First things first though, it is important to understand just some of the many benefits of having a home filled with natural light.




Why bring more light into the home?

Perhaps you have read a lot about getting more light into the home but you don't know why it is so beneficial. Or perhaps you're just curious, and it's no surprise because we hear a lot about getting extra light in the home, without ever really knowing why, and if you're going to make the effort to make any changes in your home, it is nice to know why!


  • Eco-Benefits

You might not necessarily think of the environment when you think about getting sunlight into the home, after all, why would you? The light isn't hitting any solar panels, so why would the environment come into it? The reason is completely back to basics, and refers to the fact that nature light holds the key to the sustainability of any building. Sunshine reduces the amount of fossil fuels we need to use, and the amount of electricity we need to use because it naturally heats and lights the home, particularly in combination with the latest energy efficiency technology.


  • Health

Natural light has so many benefits to health including: vitamin D, improving the complexion, mood boosting, aiding sleep cycles, hormone balancing, and boosting the immune system, to name just a few. Vitamin D in particular is very important for us, and deficiencies in it can cause all kinds of havoc with our bodies including bone pain and tenderness, according to official medical guidelines and information.


  • Safety

The more light there is, the more we can see, which makes for a much safer environment. No trips and falls, no need to strain your eyes reading books or doing anything practical with your hands.


  • Finance

You can save a lot of money when you enhance the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Today's windows commonly have a Low E glass which lets in the sunlight's light and heat, but doesn't let it back out again as well as a BFRC rating which helps homeowners identify the most efficient windows for their home using an easy ratings system.


  • Happiness

Sunlight makes us happier because it boosts our natural levels of serotonin. We are beings that thrive in the daytime, so it makes sense that we seek out the light and it makes it that much easier to enjoy it, if it's already flooding our home when we get up in the morning.

How to bring natural light into the home

Now you know just a few reasons bringing natural light into the home is a great idea, these tips can help you get started on how to get your home light and bright in no time:

Open The Curtains

It seems really obvious, but we might forget to open the curtains in one room, or get used to using artificial light on gloomier winter days. Try to get into the habit of opening up all the curtains and blinds in the morning, so any natural light has a chance to get in.

Use Light Interior Design Colors & Shades

It is an age old piece of advice, but it still stands the test of time. Light reflects light, so the more light colors you use, the more areas the light is able to get to.

Clean Your Windows

This sounds so obvious, but sometimes it is so easy to get used to the way things are at home, forgetting how they once were. Perhaps your upstairs windows are a little bit grimy, or your french doors in the living room are dusty - give them a wash down and a polish, you'll be surprised at home much sharper and clearer the light is streaming through.

Invest In Interior Doors That Let Light In

If you have a lot of doors inside your home dividing your space into multiple areas, consider converting these to glazed internal bifolds or similar, to allow the natural light to flow throughout each area, this can be a beautiful and practical way to let light in, whilst still maintaining privacy.

Avoid Window Pile Ups

A window pile up is when there are lots of things in front of the window that cause the light to be shut out. For example, large trees or shrubs might be growing or placed outside the window in the garden, or pot plants could be lined up along the windowsill, all obstructing the natural flow of light. Ensure there is a path for the light to get in by removing any window pile up.


Mirrors reflect the light around the room, so it makes sense to dot them around any space you want light to be bounced around. Play with placement to see how you can best harness the strongest natural light stream.

This Little Light Of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine


Hopefully you now feel full of inspiration and possibly even excitement about filling your home with natural light. With a little creativity and time, your home will be bathed in glorious sunshine before you know it.