Hello darlings,

bathrooms used to be uninspiring places. Until now. It’s time to break all the interior design rules that you once knew about this underutilized space. Bathrooms are always the last space to be decorated in any home, which is a shame given that most of us will revel in the idea of having a hot, steaming bubble bath to unwind from the daily grind.


Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring any longer. Throw away the rule book; it’s time to get busy.


Rule 1: The fabric of life


Many people would be horrified at the thought of material in the bathroom however we aren’t talking about unsanitary carpets. On the contrary, there are some beautiful ways that you can incorporate fabric and texture into your bathroom. Blinds are the best way to do this, and with Venetian blinds, you can ensure that you have high-quality fabrics that are waterproof and resistant. Opt for luxe colors such as rose gold and pink hues for a designer finish. Back this against a white bathroom for a truly eye-catching design. And if you really don't want any fabric you can easily DIY this awesome cedar mat!





Rule 2: Colour in small spaces


Colour in the bathroom can make it visually appealing and stand out from the rest of your home. It’s time to go wild with color. While the general consensus is that dark colors in small spaces can make the room seem smaller; this could not be further from the truth. Opting for mustard, navy or burgundy tones in your bathroom can make your bathroom seem cozy and inviting. Ensure that you have white porcelain fittings so that the room looks clean, pristine and has that much-coveted designer edge.


Rule 3: Removing the bath


OK, this is a rule that most people don’t want to break, but believe us when we say a stylish wet room can transform the smallest of bathrooms. Many bathrooms are tiny in size, but that doesn’t mean that your smallest room can't be perfectly formed. Oh no, you a very much mistaken. By removing the tub, you will have more space, and it will look instantly glamorous. Do make sure that your shower is fitted to the highest standard, and go against the grain when it comes to shower heads. You don't have to have silver or chrome. You can go for gold, and it will look simply stunning. The key to pulling this off is to keep the room clean and straightforward. Nano coating will ensure the longevity of the bathroom and help you maintain the space for the long-term.


Break rule 4: Wallpaper


Much like fabric, wallpaper is rarely used in the bathroom. But, a small feature wall in the bathroom can make the room stand out and give it the wow-factor. Always put wallpaper around the window so that the room doesn’t look too cluttered. What’s more, you will ensure that the paper does not become damaged from steam. Go crazy with design and go for nature inspired wallpapers such as ferns or flowers for a truly on-trend look.


Now you know how to be a rule-breaker, it’s time to make your bathroom the most beautiful room in your home.

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