A lounge, living room or family room (whatever name you choose to call it) is a relaxing space for the whole family to enjoy. It might be the place for socializing, watching movies, playing games, reading books or even taking a nap. It is the biggest hub of the home. That, along with the kitchen, is one of the most used rooms in the home. So when you think about the styling of it and the design, it needs to be one that will make the space fit for purpose. One of the elements that you do need to think about is the lighting in the room. How the lighting works will make a massive difference to the feel and style of the room.


To start with, you don’t want to overemphasize any of the elements too much. If you specifically place a light to be a spotlight on a chair, for example, then it hinders your ability to easily change around the furniture in the room. So you need to get creative but not too specific if that makes any sense. The main light in the room should be pretty grand and bold. It is important to make it no have any shadow, though. So think carefully about the type of chandelier or pendant light that you choose, especially if using a lampshade on the light. You want the focus of the room to be bright and not cast shadows.


For a modern touch, you could think about choosing bulbs that are a little different to normal. They could be different shaped bulbs, have a color tint to them or even be an Edison bulb, where you see the filament lighting up. They can be a great addition to a temporary living space. But where to buy Edison bulbs or color-tinted light bulbs? There are many places online if you don’t see them in the places that you normally shop.


When you think about the lighting in the rest of the room, it is a good idea to add variety. Keeping all of the additional lights the same won’t look as good as it could. Choose lamps for coffee tables or sideboards, as well as floor lamps to have in the corner of the room. It will help to give the impression of the room being more spacious, as well as creating a relaxed ambiance in the room. Which is perfect for living area, right?


Though choosing spotlight to specifically highlight certain areas of the room, it can be used to highlight photographs and pictures. Gone are the days of needing a large strip light hung directly above the photograph, though. You can attach some low-voltage LED lights to the frame of the picture, for example. It brightens up the frame and doesn’t mean that you have to make any additional holes in the wall. Which is perfect when you want to create some layers of lighting to make the room look nice and bright yet calm and relaxed.

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