Hello darlings!


There’s nothing more luxurious than adding some modern touches to your home, whether it’s an older house or a new one you’ve just purchased. Being able to inject your own ideas into your home can bring a satisfaction like no other in life and figuring out where to start with it all can be overwhelming!






If you are looking to add modern style into your home, start by sitting down and working out which rooms you’d like to renovate. Perhaps you want to upgrade the kitchen with granite worktops and a kitchen island. On the other hand, you could be dreaming of turning your ensuite into a wet room and taking the bath out. There is so much you can do to with your home and with these beautiful ideas, you can add some modern style to your home:


  1. Curb appeal: If you have the space outside, start there. You can build a full patio onto the front of the home, complete with attractive pillars and wooden beams for a country feel. Adding flowers and large potted plants will draw the eye to your home and make your house the envy of the neighbourhood.

  2. All white: When you look up modern and minimalist, you’ll get the images of all white rooms from floor to ceiling. Check out these ideas online for minimalist features for the home.

  3. Step lightly: Some homes come complete with carpets but if carpet isn’t your thing, why not upgrade to wood flooring? There are plenty of colours from dark wood to light ash so you can complement your furniture and add a touch of modern living to your home. You don’t have to get rid of carpet completely to be more modern, but if you have upgraded to a light ash floor in a white room, then add a splash of colour in the form of a rug.


  1. Open up: Open plan living is the peak of modernity nowadays. Large, airy kitchens that blend straight into living or dining areas can make the entire home feel light and open. With the flooring staying the same throughout, and the only difference being the furniture or a flexible room divider, you can bring your dining and living together in one.

  2. Stand alone: Bathrooms always end up the bottom of the list. Upgrades here should always be either tiling the entire room and changing the shower head to a rainfall one, creating a spa-like wet room in your own home. Otherwise, a stand-alone claw-footed bathtub in the centre of the room is the way to go. It looks bold, chic and rustic all at once.

  3. Outdoor living: So, we talked about modernising the front of the house, but what about the back? Get the whole garden landscaped with some outdoor furniture that is louche and classic to create a cosy outdoor living space for the summer. Add an open fire pit and you have so many lazy summer nights to look forward to.



Inject a little modernity into your home and watch how your house transcends into something amazing.