At the end of a long day, the place you want to sink into is your bed. It’s warm, comfortable and inviting even when it’s unmade and a bit of a mess, and it’s the place that you get to recharge. Upgrading your bedroom and making a place that is full of beautiful décor and furnishings isn’t only going to make it look nice, it’s going to better your sleep.


 You spend one third of your life in your bedroom. That’s a big chunk of life relaxing, recharging and dreaming in this room so it makes sense that you should do what you can to make how you spend your time here of high-quality. There are some definitive ways that you can beautify your bedroom and we’ve listed some of those for you here:


  • Lowering the lights isn’t just about romance, but about your sleep cycles. By adding dimmer switches to your bedroom lights and leaving your mobile downstairs, you can get rid of excess light in a place that should have soft, dusky lighting. Hang heavier, lined curtains and have darkened lampshades so that you get the best rest you can do in a darkened room.

  • Switching your carpeted floor to hardwood flooring, perhaps with a little underfloor heating and a thick, fluffy rug can add a lot of beauty into your bedroom. It also means that in the night when you need to nip to the loo in the dead of winter, your toes can stay toasty warm. Wooden flooring against soft furnishings always looks classically beautiful so upgrade your bedroom to reflect that.

  • Bringing nature into the room with vases of flowers can help with the air quality in your bedroom. Most people don’t know that nature can help the stuffiness in the bedroom first thing in the morning. It’s just as refreshing as cracking the window open!

  • A lot of people have a television in their bedroom for late night watching. This is an absolute no! Your bedroom is supposed to project a calm energy, with muted décor and a relaxed atmosphere. A television, or any electronic really, can disrupt your sleep cycle. Take all electronics out and make your bedroom chic. Fill it with throw pillows, soft blankets and scented candles to really maximise on a calm environment for you to rest in.

  • The colour of your bedroom has an impact on your mood and your sleep. Blood red walls would be quite harsh to look at, bright and angry but lavender paint, purples and dusky pinks to promote tranquillity and peace are the way to go.



Your bedroom should not be neglected in favour of other rooms in the house. You may have your eyes shut – mostly – when you spend time here but this doesn’t mean you need to have tired furniture and old, peeling wallpaper. Your bedroom is your space to let all the stresses of the day go and just breathe out. Make it look as beautiful as you want it to be.


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