We only have a bit over two months until we’re in summer, making this one of the best times to invest in summer decor, appliances and other renovations. Whether or not you think your home is prepared, there are some essentials for the summer that you simply can’t miss out on if you want to throw a barbeque, pool party or even just a calm and relaxing evening dinner.


So if you want to beat the heat in both style and function, then here are four essentials you should invest in for the summer period. Let’s get ready to say goodbye to spring and welcome the summer with open arms!


New set of garden furniture


Since you’re going to be spending a lot more time outside, you’ll need to invest in some new garden furniture. Some basics include a sturdy table, garden or deck chairs, and a table. You’ll also want to replace your old and rusting grill if you haven’t used it or kept it properly. Garden furniture doesn’t need to be the stereotypical white plastic stuff either. You can get sturdy, comfortable and stylish garden furniture at most specialised furniture stores and it’s worth spending a little extra to get something lavish. To go with your garden furniture, some upgraded eating utensils such as jugs and trays will also be a great help when you’re serving your drinks and meals.


Well-maintained air conditioner


An essential summer appliances we all need is an air conditioner. If your home doesn’t allow for one, then a fan can be equally as good and you can even modify it to blow cold air with a little DIY magic. If you haven’t touched your air conditioner since last summer, then it’s worth checking if it still works and functions properly, and you may want to get in touch with a company such as Trane AC Repair to have them inspect your air conditioning unit for faults and repair any problems. If you don’t have an air conditioner and you plan to buy one, now would be the best time because when it actually comes to summer, there’s a huge rush to get them and you might end up paying a considerable amount more for installation and the appliance itself.


Let there be light


The summer months are well-known for the amount of light we get. The sun is in the sky for longer and the nights are considerably shorter. To take advantage of this, ensure that you’re giving your windows the proper treatment they deserve. Replace the curtains so that they’re light and can let in a bit of sunlight even when fully closed, and declutter the house so that there are fewer objects to block the sunlight.


Drinks all around


Summer makes us all sweat profusely, so don’t neglect the importance of a drinks cooler or a well-equipped bar to keep us hydrated throughout the day. Stock up your bar (or set one up) and let people mix their own drinks or learn to make some delicious cocktails for their and your enjoyment. Make sure your fridge’s ice dispenser works as well. If you don’t have one, then silicone ice cube trays work wonders as well and are less prone to cracking than cheap plastic ones.



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