Minimal woodland for your fall decor

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Hello darlings!

It's been ages since my last mood board. And since I found half an hour while Natalia naps, I thought I give it a go since I've missed it. This time I am pairing my love for minimalism to my love for everything nature related and forest in particular. Thus my minimal woodland mood board.

Imagine a place with white concrete walls with huge floor to ceiling windows that look in the forest. Now imagine this place with a few well placed wooden pieces and you get the idea of woodland and minimal in the same house. 

Like this simple wooden table at the foot of your bed. 

Or this amazing natural wreath hang in your white walls.

You are allowed to play with color too, just keep it earthy, keep it simple, keep it clean.

You can be the king of DIY and make this gorgeous mobile.

Or leave it to the professionals and get a great piece of furniture from here.

You just have to add plants in the mix and nothing says minimal better than air plants.

And since it is autumn, don't forget to add a pumpkin or two.

And never make the mistake of thinking the bath doesn't deserve a conversation starter.

Off course your house is already decorated so you can't just change the whole thing, can you? Well, no you can't but you can change bits and pieces and make a noticeable change. A white piece of minimal decor here and a wooden piece there can add little minimal woodland details to your home.

How' bout it? Are you willing to try this style out?

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  1. I'm always taking bits out, like you said, and trying to minimize my decor. It's a wonderful tip to start with white walls and then add in earthy accents. I love the wreath and toilet paper holder.

  2. I just love all this decor. That toilet paper holder is lovely--I'd so put this in the bathroom.

  3. Loved the idea of pines and wreath hang, I love the feel of wood in house, it just freshens me up. Lovely decor here for sure.

  4. Such great picks! I was looking for some inspiration for a tiny makeover at home, this is just perfect! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love earthy décor pieces! It just gives the whole house a "fresh" feel. That branch toilet paper holder is amazing! I'd definitely have one in my house if I could aha.

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  6. Oh dear, this are so nice. Just want the ideas and inspiration that I am looking for. Christmas season is fast approaching, we need to prepare already.

  7. Wow these are some really cool items I just redid my room with a fall decor theme and I love it.

  8. I love the idea of the wreaths with the beautiful greenery! Thanks for the sharing these tips.

  9. Ooo so many chic fall drier items!!! Fall is my favorite to decorate for!!!

  10. These are great pics to arrange the home for fall.I like the design of fall wreath.Really simple and cool idea!

  11. Looks like you have some interesting decorations throughout the house. I am sure that the one in the restroom would be an interesting conversation starter indeed.

  12. Ωραιες ιδέες!

    Τo νέο μου blog...

  13. It's so awesome. Thanks for sharing this valuable information

  14. I live in a wooded and grab natural articles from my backyard every year to use in my decor.

  15. I love that crochet pumpkin which is a great decoration for this season! I’m sure my kids would want to play with it as a pretend food too!

  16. I like that natural wreath, makes your place more nature-friendly :)
    And add some good lights.


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