Hello darlings!

When Nick ask me to marry him years ago, we didn't really have much time to think about our honeymoon. It was one of the very few things in which Nick didn't want to take part. So I surprised him with a trip to Santorini. He isn't one to show much emotion, but he was really thrilled with the destination because of his geology studies and because he is a romantic.

Several years and one kid later, I am about to surprise Nick with our second honeymoon destination. I want us to go to Honolulu! There are many reasons I chose this place, and they include some fun family stories.

The Engagement Ring

It all started when he searched for an engagement ring for me. He doesn't like classic styles, but he is all for the unique and extraordinary. He knew I loved turtles and what they represent, so he searched for a turtle ring for me. The only one he liked enough was from a Hawaiian company that didn't ship to Greece. He was devastated and became even more so after he commissioned a jeweler here to make the ring but didn't like what he made. On the other hand, I was thrilled with my ring, which has never left my hand since he put it there. However, I wouldn't say no to another turtle ring that Nick will actually like  — or a set of earrings if you get my drift!

Turtle Love

On our first anniversary, I bought us two red ear sliders. I named them Honu and Lulu, because Honu is what they call the turtles in Hawaii. These two have become true members of our family. They know when we are near their tank and interact with us every day. They have become huge, and they quickly moved from a small to a large tank. Natalia talks to them every day, and despite the fact that they are a handful, we love them to pieces!

Because Science

There are really so many things to do and see in Honolulu that I doubt a week will be enough for us to have our fill. I know with all the geological interests in Honolulu, Nick would go crazy and start talking about the craters, the different formations, and the fossils. He loves to fill my life with geological stuff!

Relaxation and Food

I would go crazy to be able to swim with the turtles and snorkel all day long. Diving into the local cuisine would be my second sport activity! How could anyone resist the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies available there? Nick is going to eat all the sushi he can get his hands on, that's for sure. Being the good husband that he is, I am sure he is going to treat me to some shaved ice, a local delicacy I've read about.

Getting to have our second honeymoon in Honolulu is a true semiological sign, don't you agree? Hopefully Nick will see the light and agree on this awesome destination! If you are spending time in Hawaii you need to check out this Oahu 3 day itinerary.

Where did you spend your honeymoon? Did you go on a second one?