Hello darlings,

In a short few days I will be 40 years young! Time flies doesn’t it? One of the things I’ve promised myself to do this year is to finally take a greater effort to loose some weight. I need to shed 15 kg and it’s going to get ugly! Like, no chocolate kind of ugly.

We’ve stopped eating overly processed food for many years now and I do follow a healthy diet, I just need to stop over-eating and indulging in too much chocolate. I also decided to cut back on the late night snacks, so no food after 19:00 for me!

 I do however believe that healthy food can be just as yummy as the not so healthy choices. I truly enjoy eating and I want to make every calorie count.


So when I found these baby artichokes in the organically grown farmer’s market the other day, I knew I couldn’t resist them! They were ridiculously expensive at 1,5 euros a piece so I only got 3. My daugher ate them last year and they gave her colic (dah it’s not easy for a 9month old to digest them, stupid mom), so this year I am only giving her a small piece. And yes, that’s the only reason I am not giving her more, lol!

All vegetables I use in this recipe are organically grown. As I’ve said before (ADD LINK) they do taste better in my opinion. Then again you need to be off overly processed food for your taste buds to be able to get that difference. I hope at least some of you agree with me and don’t judge me. I’ve been so bullied about the whole organic food thing, it’s not even funny! Everyone is free to buy and eat whatever she or he likes, I never said you SHOULD eat organically grown veggies, for f*ck shake!


Deep breath and let’s move on!




500gr frozen peas

1 carrot

2 small potatoes

3 baby artichokes (or more if you can afford them)

1 small zucchini (optional)

1 onion



Extra virgin olive oil

Juice from a lemon




Wash and peel the potatoes and the carrot. Cut the carrot in small slices and the potatoes in small pieces. Slice the zucchini. Cut the onion and use your kitchen scissors for the anise. Cut the stem of the artichokes and slice it to large slices. Peel the leaves off and only leave the inside ones. That’s the heart of the artichoke. Cut in half. Place everything in the cooking pot along with water to cover it. Cook until they are soft and either add water or use the pressure cooker. It should be an hour in medium heat for the former and 20 minutes for the latter.



Serve with olive oil and lemon juice.

Lots of love