Hello darlings! 

Please be warned, foul language below...


I need a free-to-be-a-bitch-on-social-media day. 




I need this day to be free to comment under every freaking make up video showing product after product, after product being used on a young person's face: 

What the hell are you putting on your face? How many layers of paint do you think you need to look beautiful? Why are there so many fake needs for make up products? Why are you making it so much harder for us moms to explain to our daughters (and sons) that you don't need ANY OF THAT CRAP to look beautiful??? What happened to washing your face, and just putting on some mascara and a lip gloss to go out? How many hours of your day do you spent doing this stuff?

Why oh why are you helping companies make fortunes on superficial needs??? What happened to you? Where is your mom?


I need this day to be free to comment under every post showing everybody and their aunt promoting everything under the sun!

I mean come the fuck on! 

And don't get me started on using your kids to do it! Seriously? It may fly if this is a baby product or a kids toy or book but getting your kid to promote sugar filled junk food? Not cool! 

Having to stand on a table in order to get photos of your plastic shoes a sponsor made you buy for less and promote them to get 20% of any sales through you? Not cool! 

Laying in awkward poses just to snap a "natural" photo of your bed linen? Not freaking cool!



I need this day to be free to comment under every post showing a smiling mom, making her kids breakfast with this specific type of yogurt, showing a table filled with pancakes, bacon and freshly squeezed oj, and the mom is dressed like a model in pressed clothes and with perfect make up and hair: Did you really wake up like this? If I do a little digging around isn't it safe to say that I will discover that this photo was in fact taken in the afternoon and your kids smiles are only because you bribed them with ice cream? Are you for real?



I need this day to be free to comment under each and every copycat blog post I see out there: THIS WAS NOT YOUR IDEA!!!! You are a thief and you wouldn't know originality if it slapped you on the face!


I need a free-to-be-a-bitch-on-social-media day to say everything I hold bottled up because I am in fact a bitch.


And then I take a look at my reflection on the window as I pass through and see my unwashed face, my tangled haven't-used-a-brush-all-day hair, my wrinkled t-shirt and my unsaved calves (ok that I had to look down to see) and remember the time I send my kid to the playground with her father in order to stay home and make a smoothie for a sponsor and say out loud: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE? BITCH!


So I'll try the empathy approach instead:

People who do make up videos are in fact pursuing their craft. I am a crafter too, I get it. I don't have to like it, I just need to accept it. Or ignore it. Or try and educate them on other type of beauties maybe? Is that what I should do? I don't know, I feel the need to talk to them but I will come of as a bitch probably and that will not do any of us any good. I will just need to try and explain to my daughter about them some day...


People who are into the whole influencers vibe and use any type of means to promote and make an affiliate sale? I get it. I have affiliates too. Everybody is in it for something right? Maybe it's your way to pay your student loans, feed your kid or save up for a trip. Maybe it's your way to feel seen? Maybe it's your way to feel popular and included? Not sure. If you do feel lonely, try hitting me up. I am a bitch but I do make a good friend or so I've been told.


To the impeccable mom making her kids breakfast (or dinner) and snapping a photo (or one thousand) to post to instagram. Good for you for finding the time to feed your kids. Good for you to find the time after they get to bed to iron your clothes and organize next day's program so that you find the time to do your make up and snap that photo for your sponsor. Good for you mom, you are doing ok!


And as for you who copied that blog post and changed a few words, you who took that pattern and changed one row and called it yours, you who took that idea from a blogger and passed it on like your own: FUCK YOU! I may have empathy for every other person out there but I don't have a shred of empathy for you! 


I know I will probably get some heat for this post but you guys, I am not sorry I wrote it. I am fed up with these stuff and I despite the fact I try to be empathetic to each and every one mentioned here, sometimes I need to get it off my chest. And since Nick hasn't the faintest idea of what I am talking about (blessed social media ignorance) I thought it would be more honest to say it here and on my social media.


You are (always) free to speak you mind in the comments. I will take it personally I do want to improve.


Lots of love