Ok, I may have told you before how the name Akamatra came to be. For those who don't know the story, the name Akamatra in Greek means the "woman who doesn't do chores well or the woman who doesn't like doing house chores". That's me! I'd rather knit and crochet all day than do the dishes of clean the house! Yet, I am an adult (ugh) and I have to do the chores, so I do them. However, I always find time to craft! How do you ask? Well, read on for a list of tips on how to keep a clean house and still have time to craft!

1. Do it more regularly

One thing you need to know about making it easier to clean your home is that you need to ensure you are doing it regularly. If you leave your home for weeks before cleaning it, you will end up spending hours having to try and tidy it. We know it’s so easy to leave it when we are busy with work and home life. But you will soon find dust appearing in your home. Therefore, you need to make sure you make time to clean your home at least once a week. You should arrange a morning where you can spend time working through each room. Remember to clean out any belongings you don’t need anymore while you are cleaning the room. It will make it easier to clean if you don’t have items on the floor that should actually be in the bin. And put away things straight after using them. Otherwise, it will take forever to find homes for belongings that have been left on the floor.

2. Hire a cleaner

Ok, ok don't shoot me! Another way to make it easier to clean your home is to hire someone to come and do it for you. If you are finding you are struggling to make time to sort out your home, it could be really helpful to get someone in to clean it on a regular basis. You could arrange for a cleaner to come to your home once or twice a week to help you out. They will be able to clean each room so that it is kept in a great condition even when you don’t have time to do it. You could also invest in finding a professional cleaning company like All Clean Pressure Washing, to pressure wash your patio and other areas in your house inside and out. You could also hire a gardener who will be able to sort the outside of your property, so it’s easier to maintain it.

3. Get the latest technologies

You can also make it easier to clean your home by getting the latest technologies in your home. There are so many great hoovers now which can help to ensure your floor is spotless once you have finished hoovering. You might want to look into getting an iRobot vacuum cleaner. It will hoover your carpets clean, while you concentrate on cleaning other parts of your home. Companies are always bringing out new technologies to help make cleaning easier, so make sure you check out the new devices when you go into the store.

4. Go for wooden or tile floors instead of carpets

Another way you can make it easier to clean your home is to go for wooden or tile floors, rather than carpets. It’s a lot harder to get marks out of carpets if something is accidentally spilled on the floor. With wooden and tiled flooring, you can easily wipe it, and the mark won’t be there anymore. Therefore, to make cleaning your home easier, you should consider getting these instead of carpets. If you do still want carpets in the bedrooms, make sure you invest in a carpet cleaner to make it easier to get rid of marks. It’s especially useful if you have pets or children in your home.

5. Make sure you do your bed every morning

You can also make cleaning your home easier by making sure you do your bed every morning. It will force you to put away any clothing which has been left on the bed. And as this article reveals, by making the bed, it will make the house seem a lot tidier and will motivate you to clean the rest of the home. Therefore, make sure you do it first thing in the morning.

6. Purchase an all purpose cleaner

Another thing you should do to make it easier to clean your home is to purchase an all purpose cleaner. It will make it easier as you won’t have to keep buying different products for the various surfaces in your home. You won’t have to spend a fortune either! You could even make your own all purpose cleaner by using four tablespoons of baking soda and one quart of warm water. It will save you money and make it easier to keep on top of your home if you do run out and need a quick solution.

7. Keep pets in a specific area

You can also make it easier to clean your home by keeping pets in a specific area of your home. If you let them run around every room, you will find that you have pet hair building up in your home. You should give them a designated area so that you only have pet hair in that area to remove. And as this feature reveals, you can easily pick up pet hair by using a damp rubber glove. That way, you don’t have to keep getting the hoover out to pick up the pet hair.

8. Use covers on the items

Another thing you need to know about making it easier to clean your home is to use covers on the items, so they don’t get ruined. If you have a cover on your sofa and your table and chairs, you won’t have to spend ages having to try and get rid of marks. A washable cover can easily be cleaned and the item will remain in an excellent condition without you having to clean it every time.

You should make sure you avoid eating in the lounge. You will have to end up spending ages cleaning the room if something gets spilled in there. Therefore, get your family always to eat in the kitchen to keep your home clean.

 What advice would you give on the matter? Any tricks?