Hello dear friends

my mom’s love for beautiful wrapped gifts has been on my list of “things to pay attention to” ever since I’ve opened my etsy shop. She always finds the best way to wrap her own gifts and the shops with the most detailed and unique gift wraps. Even the smallest gift can be made into a great surprise with the appropriate emballage. In my opinion, attention to this detail speaks volumes of the value you give your handmade business.

Here's an easy way to make your own gift wraps using recycled paper and common tools. I have been using this to gift wrap my orders in my etsy shop and I’ve got lots of compliments so far.

The list


  • A piece of paper. This can be whatever paper you like! Recycle any kind of paper from newspapers and magazines to old books (that really need recycling i.e. wet, deformed books etc) or wrapping paper.


Make sure the gift fits the size of the paper. Roughly it should be double the size of the gift so that it can be wrapped around it.


  • Scissors
  • A hole puncher.
  • Ribbon


The How to:
First take your paper and fold it length wise to meet the center of the paper from the one and the other side, like so



Take your hole puncher and make a hole in one end of the wrap, making sure all three layers of the paper are pierced.

 Do the same for the other end.

Now it's time to add some color to your gift! If this is your shop's gift wrap now is the time to stamp your shop's brand on the right side of the fold (meaning not the side the two ends meet but the other one).

If you are using this tutorial to make a gift wrap for a friend you can go crazy and sketch whatever you like on the wrap paper!
The great thing about this method is that the wrapping doubles as a greeting card! The recipient of your gift can read your message just by opening up the gift!



As soon as you finish stamping or sketching its time to close the wrap. If you press down the paper the holes should meet in order for the ribbon to pass through them. And that's your next step.



Pass the ribbon through all three layers of paper on the one side of the wrap.  Insert the gift from the open end and pass another ribbon piece through all layers of the other side of the wrap.

Now make two bows with your ribbon and you are done!

You can also make 2 holes if the package is larger like so


I love this solution for my bows because they are “odd” in shape and usually fit well in this wrapping. 



Hope you find this usefull!