Hello lovely friends

I know some of you think it’s too early for Christmas decorations and I used to agree with you but recently I’ve decided to stop procrastinating when it comes to DIY projects. Any DIY project, regardless of the theme, season, occasion etc should be done upon thought. If I don’t do it as soon as I think about it, I’ll never do it. 

So I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart the other day and I liked the way the tree looked but I wasn't so thrilled about the glitter (am I the only craft lover that hates glitter?). Here’s how I did it:



What you’ll need

Paper sheets. Those can be any kind of paper you like. You may use plain white sheets or colored ones, or recycle an old damaged book (that’s what I did).

Paper scissors or craft scissors

Decorated toothpick


An awl or something to pierce the paper


What to do

It is really pretty simple. 

Take you paper sheets and cut them into rectangles of different sizes using you plain paper scissors or your craft scissors.

For a small little tree like mine cut a generous number – let’s say 20 - of square papers measuring from 7cm x 7cm to 2cm x 2cm decreasing by 1 cm as you go.

That way you’ll have

20 pieces 7cm x 7cm

20 pieces 6cm x 6cm

20 pieces 5cm x 5cm

20 pieces 4cm x 4cm

20 pieces 3cm x 3cm

20 pieces 2cm x 2cm


Take your awl and pierce the papers in the middle.



Then starting by the smaller ones pass them trough the decorated toothpick making sure you turn and twirl their edges a bit so they are not aligned. Do this for all the different paper sizes. Once you finish poke peg the toothpick in the cork and spread the paper edges for a finer look.


If you don't want to cover the whole length of your toothpick then add a piece of white tac as a stopper. You are done!


Your holiday decoration is ready to use. This is a nice craft to do with your children if you use precut paper.