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Hello sweeties,

I often find myself inspired by the colorful pages of an magazine, either online or in hard copy.

From my mom's Spanish decoration magazines (which she cannot read obviously but keeps looking at their photos) to my own Natural Geographic collection, I never know what will catch my eye and make the synapses in my brain (yes I do have one, it's been recorded to numerous MRIs throughout the years, it IS there) go wild!

I've been hooked to Mollie Makes since the first time I layed eyes on it and can't seem to decide which subscribtion to use, the on line one or the hard copy one? I am torn actually, but a good friend bought the recent issue and now I am leaning forward the hard copy version!

As it sits on my desk amongst my needles, fabrics and scraps of leather I am tempted to drop all designs I am currently working on and just make everything they suggest just for the fun of it! I can get really carried away like that!!!

Man oh man, I am inspired just by looking at its cover's colors! Well, we'll see how this week evolves!

Smouts for now


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  1. can't wait to see what you are up to...

  2. Κι εγώ την έντυπη θα προτιμούσα! Άλλη χάρη, που δεν συγκρίνεται με τις ψηφιακές εικόνες :) Την καλημέρα μου & καλές δημιουργικές εγκεφαλοσυνάψεις!

  3. Περιμένω να δω τι θα κατεβάσει το κεφαλάκι σου πάλι!

  4. I got carried away and bought the Christmas issue. I found it really good but too expensive. Then I got this issue you show as a gift from a friend abroad!I really like this magazine and wish I had more time to make things but they should stop adding so much on the cover price in our country.AriadnefromGreece!


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