Santa's helper hat - Crochet pattern

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Hello sweeties,

I am pretty sure most of you know how much I love Christmas! I mean I am a good old cynic most of the year but I become a downright romantic when the holiday
season approaches! I don't really know what's wrong with me and I don't want to find out!

I love almost everything about Christmas! I become a child all over again and have so much fun! Most of all I love making presents for my loved ones! A few days back I finished the presents for my nephew and nieces and all my favorite kids. I made them crochet owl hats.
I felt like a Santa's helper at that time! That's why I decided this year I should look like one too!

So, I made me a Santa's helper hat! Yeap! I've officially lost it! Not only that, I am going to share with you my crochet pattern so you can too become a Santa's helper!!!! That will be so fun! We can start a "Become a Santa's helper" revolution, lol!!!

Anyway, here is the pattern. Be advised! This is the first ever crochet pattern I created out of my head. I've tested it and it works fine but if you
find something off please let me know! It is really very easy, any beginner can rock it!

The size of a small adult or a kid. You can easily adjust the pattern for a smaller hat if you calculate the increases and the end number of double crochets.
I will be adding other sizes to this pattern later on so stay tuned!

You need to know the following stitches: Magic ring, ch (chain), hdc (half double crochet), dc (double crochet), sl (slip stitch), sc (single crochet).

I used a 4.5 hook and acrylic yarns in red, white and green.

This pattern is worked on rounds. Since there will be many changes of color, in order to keep the lines straight change your thread before making the slip stitch that ends each round. Take a look at the following photos for help.

Change your color from red to white at your last stitch.

Make the slip stitch with the new color (white).

Start your new round with two chains.

Here you go:

Round 1: magic ring, ch2, 6 hdc in ring, sl to close, ch 2
Round 2: 2dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 3: 1dc in same stitch, dc around (15dc), sl to close, ch 2
Rounds 4-18: these rounds are essentially the same ---> dc around, sl to close, ch 2,
I just written them one by one to make easier the color changes for the beginners.

Round 4: dc around, change color to red, sl to close, ch 2
Round 5: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 6: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 7: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 8: dc around, change color to red, sl to close, ch 2
Round 9: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 10: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 11: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 12: dc around, change color to green, sl to close, ch 2
Round 13: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 14: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 15: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 16: dc around, change color to red, sl to close, ch 2
Round 17: dc around, sl to close, ch 2
Round 18: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 19: dc in the same stitch, *dc in the next 3 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch* repeat from *, sl to close, (19dc) chain 2
Round 20: dc around, change color to red, sl to close, ch 2
Round 21: repeat R19 (24dc)
Round 22: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 23: repeat R19 (31dc)
Round 24: dc around, change color to green, sl to close, ch 2
Round 25: repeat R19 (39dc)
Round 26: dc around, change color to white, sl to close, ch 2
Round 27: repeat R19 (49dc)
Round 28: dc around, change color to red, sl to close, ch 2
Round 29: repeat R19 (62dc)
Rounds 30-35: dc around, change to appropriate color, sl to close, ch 2
Round 36: sc around, sl to close.

Wave in and secure the ends. When I changed colors I didn't cut my thread and in the end I had very little waving to do (always a boring part for me).

Now take your green yarn and make a pom pom! It is very easy using some cardboard paper and a pair of scissors. If you don't know how here's an easy and fun tutorial by my friend Dimitra. She uses a great way to pump up the volume of the pom pom with a secret (and brilliant) tool!

Now all you have to do is wear the hat and your best smile and you are officially in Santa's helper mood!

Almost forgot! I came up with a little rhyme while making this pattern!

I am a little Santa's helper in a Santa's helper hat! 
Are you ready to become one of Santa's helpers too?
Take your hook and yarn and needle, now it's not the time to chat,
double stitching and crocheting and you'll be one of the crew!

Boy I love this time of the year!!!


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  1. Έκανες ένα καπέλο γιορτινό και τόσο μα τόσο χαρούμενο!!! Τα ξωτικά του Άι Βασίλη θα σε ευγνωμονούν!!Και δίνεις και τέλειες οδηγίες για τους υπόλοιπους!! Φιλιά και να έχουμε όμορφη εβδομάδα...

  2. Χαχαχαχα σε φαντάζομαι Μάρω με το σκουφάκι του βοηθού-ξωτικού, περιτριγυρισμένη από τα σκουφάκια κουκουβάγιες, τον Νίκο κάπου εκεί τριγύρω μία να μαδάει την Λερναία Ύδρα, μία να ζουλάει τον πιγκουίνο, χριστουγεννιάτικη μουσική υπόκρουση και μπάλες από νήμα διάσπαρτες!!!!!!! Σκέτη γλύκα ♥

  3. ακομα και για μενα που ειμαι παντελως ασχετη με το αθλημα...το εκανες να φαινεται ευκολο! και λατρεψα το σχεδιο!!!!! να ερθω για ιδιατερα φιλεναδα??????? θα φερω σοκολατακια!

  4. ξεκινάω να το φτιάξω επιτόπου, μόνο στείλτε μου κάποιος ένα μικρό ξωτικό να αναλάβει τα υπόλοιπα!

  5. Αν και είμαι παντελώς άσχετη με το πλέξιμο,οφείλω να πω οτι μου αρέσει να βλέπω και να φοραω πλεχτα .Αλλωστε η εποχή του χειμώνα το επιβάλει. Το σκουφάκι σου είναι πολύ όμορφο με ωραια χρώματα....την καλημέρα μου!

  6. xo xo xo xo!!!!
    Τέλειο το σκουφί!!!Να σας δω να το προβάρετε με μουσική υπόκρουση και τι στον κόσμο!

  7. Τι όμορφα !!! Αχ και να είχα λίγο χρόνο να το έφτιαχνα, φαίνονται υπέροχα !!!

  8. Πολύ πολύ πολύ όμορφο!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My mother crochets, my sister knits, and I buy. (lol) I wish I could sit still long enough to learn.

  10. I love this hat! I have to look into trying to make one. I'm a little rusty with my crocheting skills.

  11. This looks really good. Perfect hat for Santa’s Helper. Bet it was challenging switching colors constantly. I can crochet, but prefer to knit. It relaxes me and I love seeing something being created from nothing.

  12. I dont know how to crochet or knitting but i do know that I absolutely want that hat for my daughter! Soo cute! I would put a small bell on it !😂

  13. To be honest, I try crocheting once. I felt like I was trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. (not for me).

  14. I love crochet so much and this santa's hat is just awesome for Christmas. Shall get one for my kid as well:)

  15. I am still trying to learn how to knit, crochet and sew. This hat is fun and festive but far off from my skill level for now.

  16. It does look like a cute pattern. I have done stuff before with a loom, but never straight out with the crochet needle. I think I would be too intimidated.

  17. It's awesome. Thank you for the post... The hat looks good in the images.

  18. This is super cute crochet hat! I wish I had this amazing skill!

  19. Wow this is such a great idea. I love it! thank you for sharing how to do it. I hope I can successfully make it on y own using your guide.

  20. Thank you for sharing this! I can knit; however, I can't crotchet, but I have always wanted to. I will give it a try given your great tutorial.

  21. Omg my face light up when i read your post. I looooovvee crocheting! I want to make Santa's helper hat too!

  22. You're so talented! Love the hat and the colors. I WISH I could be patient enough to crochet - I tried to knit a few times to no avail. Your pictures are great!

  23. This is seriously adorable and would love to try this out myself. I remember my crochet days - like 10 years ago haha. I miss those so much!


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