Hello darlings

since you liked my non-sew driftwood sailboats so much I decided to post another tutorial on how to make an upgraded version of a driftwood sailboat! I made this one as a small gift for a blogger friend of mine and I really hope she'll like it!

What you'll need:


hot glue




x-acto knife


The first few steps to make this are the same as the first tutorial. The one big difference here is that I covered the driftwood with a wood varnish to stop them from "fraying".

So you start of by pairing the wood pieces and making a suitable hole into the base one (see here for more details).


Then you coat them with a wood varnish and let them dry.

For this sailboat I didn't use lace. I chose a white linen fabric instead. Now, this is a sewing tutorial but I don't have the exact dimensions for you since every piece of driftwood is different. What you need to do is cut a triangle piece of fabric that's almost 3-4 cm shorter than the driftwood that serves as a sail. Iron the edges allowing a 1cm seam. They should look like this:

Take a piece of jute and place it under the larger side of the triangle, which is the curved one.

With your sewing machine make a piping to enclose the jute. Then sew along the other two edges to prevent fraying.

It should look like this.

Now it's time to assemble the sailboat. Use a good amount of glue to stabilize the sail. Let it try and make sure it stays into place.

Take your x-acto knife and make a cut on the edge of the driftwood that serves as the base of the boat.


Place the fabric roughly on where you want it to go and then take the edge of the jute and place it on the slot you made with your knife.


Use a drop of hot glue under the sailboat to secure the jute in place.

Turn the sailboat on the other side and using your glue gun, glue along the sail to secure the fabric on the wood.


Take the other end of the jute and glue it on the top of the sail wood.

And here it is! I think it's a step up from the previous version with the varnish and the upgraded fabric. I love the others too, don't get me wrong!


The only thing that caused me real trouble was the time it took for me to find a suitable box to fit the sailboat and ship it to its destination. Other than that it's a fairly easy project! Try it out!