Hello darlings,

thanks so much for all the love you've shown to my Cork Phone Stand Tutorial! It has become one of my most popular posts so I guess you really liked it! So, I am guessing you are going to like the one I have for you today too! Wanna know what it is?

It's a Phone Stand made with Binders!!! And... if you thought the Cork Phone Stand was easy to make, wait till you see how easy is this one!!!


2 large binder clips
1 medium binder clip
washi tape of your choice

First you need to decorate your binders with the washi tape. You may as well use them as they are but in my opinion they look much better with the washi tape. Plus, if you have a large collection of washi tapes you can play around and make different ones to match your phones/tablets etc.


 I made two different ones. One with a cool black washi tape with skulls and another one in a romantic floral theme.

Take a piece of your tape slightly larger than the binder and apply it to the bottom of the binder.



Bend the excess of the tape towards the inside of the binder and press to apply.

Once you cover the bottom you'll have something like this:


Now apply tape on the sides of the binder, again bending the excess towards the inside of it.


Do the same for the other two binders. Here are my skull themed ones.



And those are my romantic floral ones. 






If you don't like the black edges you can use some acrylics and paint them before applying the tape, or use colored binders, there are many of those out there.


Now comes the fun part! Assembling the stand! Don't get intimidated, it's easier than it looks and less complicated that you may think!


First, take your two large binders and place them facing each other as the photo below.


Lift the bracers and place one inside the other like so

Press the two intertwined bracers to lay flat on your table surface and intertwine the other two as well lifting them up like so

Now it's the tricky part. Take your smaller binder and pull the bracers open. Place the open bracers on top of your intertwined couple ones from the bigger binders. Take the brace that's on the inside of your couple and intertwine it with the one on top. Then lower the other bracer on the outside making a bracer sandwich.

It probably looks better from this side.


This creates two spots for your phone to go into.




Your phone can be put here






Or here. I like it best with my new phone.


I've made a couple more of this awesome stands to give to my friends. I hope my photos are clear and you get what you need to do. Don't get disheartened if you don't get it at your first try, it took me a while to get the hung of it!

What do you say? Are you giving this a shot?

Lot's of love