Valentines gift guide

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Hello darlings!

It's that time of the year again! Valentines day is just a couple of weeks away and if you celebrate it you are thinking of what to get your significant other.

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I’ll get pocket money to go yarn shopping. So you are feeding my yarn addiction. I knew you’d be a bad influence!

Here's what I picked out for you!

Wireless headphones

For her jogging time, something practical and beautiful too!

A unicorn

Because who doesn't love unicorns?

A card with a sense of humor

If he doesn't get it, loose him!

A party game for horrible people

In case you are invited to a couple's party and you don't know what to bring to the hostess. She will laugh. If not, take it back, you'll have tons of fun with this game!

A t-shirt

He can't have enough of those, right?

A gold pen set

If she's known to express herself with notes and cards why not give her a stylish way to write them? This Kade Spade gold pen set is gorgeous isn't it?

A nice watch

This is for those who really love their spouse. Seriously you cannot go wrong with this watch! A perfect way to say: "I love it when you spent time with me. I love it when you drop everything to get to me faster. I can't get enough of you, I can't get enough of us!" You can find it at along with many other awesome choices!

image from Cartier

A puzzle

Well it's heart shaped so that counts as romantic right? Don't let the geek in your life feel left out!

A trip

What stays with us after everything else is long gone, is our memories. So why don't you treat yourself and your partner to a trip. Either far away or nearby, the change of scenery will do you good! 

What are you getting your lover this Valentines day? Are you celebrating?

Lots of love

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  1. I <3 this gift guide!

  2. Great gift ideas. I really like that you included the idea of buying a trip as a gift. The memories you can make having an experience together are priceless, and will be cherished forever!

  3. I can't believe Valentine's day is near! These gift ideas are pretty awesome. I'd love to get that shirt, it's so adorable!

  4. Great gift ideas! As an fyi, some of the images are not showing up, and show up as broken links.

  5. I love all your gift ideas! They are full of humours and thoughtful, and something that I actually don't mind getting one,:) or 2! Love the trip especially.

  6. My partner and I celebrate Valentines Day by spending it together - going out to a nice dinner and such. We don't do gifts but I might splash out and get him a funny card this year haha, I like the one you've linked here. These are great gift ideas! :) x

  7. These are great gift ideas. I purchased the wireless headphones for someone as a gift. Now my entire family wants a pair. Such a great investment!

  8. Yes yes yes, I love unicorns and to me this could be the best gift, lemme ask my hubby to get one soon. Wireless headphones are cool idea to gift him incase he gets these unicorns for me:)

  9. Wonderful items! You've got quite a sense of humor. I had to say it yo read the rest of the tee. It's clever!! ☺️👍🏼

  10. Well I'm sure Hawaii is not on my list but, that would be very nice. I don't need another watch but, the headset would be nice. I especially like the rose gold color.

  11. The puzzle looks really cute. And I admit that a trip would be fun, although maybe somewhere locally. I think I will look into candles though as I know she loves them so much. Although she has so many I am not sure what she doesn't already have.

  12. I am so excited for this Holiday season, it's all about love and I love celebrating that. I like your gift ideas especially the vacation. My husband and I like to give each other trips for holidays.

  13. A trip would be a wonderful gift idea. I also love those beats headset.

  14. I love this list! There's a little bit of everything of all kinds of people. I love the wireless headphones, but I'm showing my husband that watch:-)

  15. I love the heart shaped puzzle and the card game. They would make a lovely present for my special friend :)

  16. For a person like me who loves to give gifts of utility, I will prefer the watch or a romantic trip.

  17. Lovely suggestions. I would like the card but I would change it a little bit, and instead of chew I would put SNore :)

  18. These are all great suggestions. If I had to choose one I would want, I would say the cute unicorn.

  19. Loving your Valentine gift guide! Lots of great gift ideas especially the wooden heart puzzle box.

  20. Wao month of love is around the corner! These gift ideas are pretty awesome. I'd love to get that shirt, it's so adorable!

  21. A fab gift guide. I've had those rose gold headphones on my wishlist for a while, I may treat myself one day.

    Ami xxx

  22. Fabulous gift guide, and am eyeing for that Cartier timepiece. That is more romantic!

  23. Wow what an amazing gift guide. Great choices.

  24. Brilliant little gift guide! I absolutely love those headphones! I played Cards Against Humanity last month and I don't think I've laughed that much in years!


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