I never thought I'd write one of my gift guides about a pandemic but I never really thought I'd live to see a pandemic in our times. I mean who did, right? Covid-19 has brought upon us inevitable changes, the most prominent of which - at least in my case - is insecurity and stress about the future. Noone really knows when or how this will end and how long till we will get back on track. And what track is that really? So many unknowns! During these stressful times, I always reach for my knitting or crochet project or any kind of satisfying craft really. I also reach for books, try new recipes I find online or begin a new hobby to keep occupied. This gift guide: Covid -19 Edition was written with that in mind. Things you can gift your loved ones during this stressful times to help them cope with the lockdown and the stress.

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This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I’ll get pocket money to go yarn shopping. So you are feeding my yarn addiction. I knew you’d be a bad influence!


Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

A new hobby

If your friends are crafters, I've said it before, you are in luck! We crafters are the easiest people to shop for! Just get us yarn! LOL! But if the friends or family members you are shopping for are not crafters, why not turn them into ones? This is the perfect opportunity to do so! All you need are some craft kits for beginners and - hopefully- they will be hooked!

You should definitely try the punch needle kits from LoveMaxDesign on etsy. Even if you haven't touched a punch needle before, I am positive you are going to create a masterpiece. She has the most sweet and nicely timed tutorials on YouTube to guide you through each step of the kit. I was really impressed with myself when I started making this cute little lion! It flew out of my hands effortllesly and I couldn't be happier with the result. It was the first time I used a punch needle so if I can do it anyone can!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition lovemaxdesign 1

Her kit comes with everything you need to make the lion (or any of her designs) and it is shipped quickly and in a nice bag.

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition lovemaxdesign 2

If you want a more traditional approach to the craft kit you are going to gift, then you should definitely check out LazyMayEmbroidery on etsy. Her embroidery kits are cute and very detailed! They come with a printed fabric so you don't need to worry about getting the pattern right and everything you might need is in the kit! I loved reading the little book of embroidery she includes! What a little treasure! And as a bonus, her packaging is biodegradable and compostable and that really made my day!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition lazymayembroidery  

Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

A green friend

Some people have houses full of family and some are really lonely. During lockdown, many people suffered from loneliness. Gifting your loved ones a new green friend along with instructions on how to care for him/her will bring them joy! Plants have this magnificent ability of bringing life into a home, don't they?

You can choose an easy to maintain plant like an airplant or a more sofisticated one for the ones with a green thumb. image1

Make sure you order from a retailer that has an established shipping system so that the plant will arrive safe and sound! You don't want to kill it before it gets to his new owner!


Another cool gift - especially if you are sending it to a family with kids, is a garden kit. I really loved how the garden set for kids from the HealthyFamilyShop on etsy is set up! It contains everything you need to start a small garden with your kids! It's homeschooling at its finest in my opinion. It has four packs of seeds and four composts disks. Each pack has a different species, witch grows in different growth rates and activities sheets so you can help your kids document their growth and learn! 

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition healthyfamilyshop

During lockdown this winter, this would've been a life saver for us! I love the details of the box too. A naturally made twig pencil and some wooden plant markers so we always know what is in each pot!

Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

A nice tool

Everyone and their aunt learnt to bake bread during this last winter, amIright? I mean you couldn't go in social media and not have a nicely round loaf of bread pop up on your feed! I perfected my recipe for homemade bread and even ventured on making sourdough bread! A very nice gift for such an occassion is a bread scoring knife! I love mine from KadaDesignStudio. They come with a leather pouch and they are engraved with amazing designs! You can even customize them with the name of the cook!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition kadadeisgnstudio 2

It's not really hard to score a nice design on the bread either! I keep doing it and I love it! I am sure your gift recepient will too!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition kadadeisgnstudio 1

Ok, so this next tool is a life saver really! If you really love the person you are gifting it to, this is a no brainer! Get them an InstaPot! These amazing multicookers do everything on their own! They pressure cook, they slow cook, they saute and they even make yogurt!!!


I am in love with mine mostly because it's the only slow cooker I've found with a stainless steel inlet! At last, no hazardous coatings!!! I've used it for a couple of months and it's been a life saver for sure! Anyone receiving such a generous gift will love it! Not only does it allow you to cook whatever you want, it does it effotlessly and by giving you time to read a book while it does the hard work! During the lockdown, with kids asking for snacks all the time and meal prepping being a chore, this is really one of the best things to have!


Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

A feel good (and stay healthy) gift

Ok, so I didn't really think that jewelry would fit in my Covid-19 edition of a gift guide, but it turns out I was wrong! Check out these amazingly innovative and fun jewelry pieces by the Greek brand MCS Jewellery! They are made to resemble a Marseille soap to remind you to wash your hands! Aren't they amazing and so fun?

 Gift guide Covid 19 Edition mcsjewelry 2

This innovative idea came to the owner of the brand during the recent lockdown when she was looking to make something fun and uplifting even while locked at home! For her, it's not just the reminder of the soap and how hand washing is essential for our well being during the pandemic; it's a reminder that by changing small things in our everyday routine we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition mcsjewelry 1

Another cool idea from the Greek brand FisikaShop is the use of scented worry beads! These are made of scented soap and they can be used as aromatic meditation or yoga prayer beads! They smell amazing and they are the perfect lift me up gift during quarantine!

Gift guide Covid 19 Edition fisikashop


Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

A necessity 

Face masks have become an essential par of our lives and gifting a nice handmade fabric mask is a nice thought for your loved ones. Zarkadia on etsy makes face masks with long soft bindings that stay in your head and don't irritate your ears. Furthermore, when you take it off, it hangs from the straps on your neck, folded in two and thus you can wear it again without touching it! Perfect for kids and adults!

IMG 6995

What's the most essential gift you can give someone who's locked down at home with lots of time on their hands? Books! Lots and lots of books for them to read and escape this reality we live in lately!

During the recent lockdown I've read the amazing book The German House by Annette Hess and I really liked it! 

Untitled 1

I've also started reading Seven Lies by Eliabeth Kay and it's as much the page turner as advertised! Definitely a nice book to gift to someone stranded at home!



Gift guide: Covid -19 Edition

So, there you have it! A gift guide for those staying home, practising social distancing and staying safe and sane!

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What would you rather be gifted when in lockdown?