Hello darlings,

one of the things I find most difficult in this life is relaxing. I am wind up person, stressing about anything and everything. It used to be worse but I guess getting older has some benefits since, sometimes, you get a bit wiser too! 


There are actually a lot less things I stress about now, most of which could probably be called reasonable stress triggers by the mean sane person. Like health, loved ones, world misery and hunger, that short of things. Being pessimistic as I am doesn't help either but having Nick by my side - a sworn optimistic enthusiast - does.



However, I can always use more visual reminders that most things in our life are not really in our hands to control and even control freaks like me (we'll talk about my airplane phobia another time) have to learn to let go of said control and just relax!


I have contemplated having that tattooed in my hand so I can see it every day for the rest of my life but I really have a lukewarm response towards tattoos. I don't really know if I like them. So when Zazzy told me I could design just about anything I wanted on a jewel I knew I had my solution!




It was really easy and fun to design the LET GO NOTHING IS IN CONTROL ring. The Zazzy site makes it easy even if you are not into jewelry design, to make and share any type of jewel.



I received my ring in the mail some days ago and it has been on my finger ever since. Best part? It doesn't tarnish, loose its shine or color even after repeated washing of my hands (I don't take it out) and all the work related chores. It is actually a jewel that will last for years to come, unaffected by the conditions under which I wear it. In relation to its price (25.5Euros) its quality is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!


If you need a reminder to help you relax you can find the ring here. I make a small commission of each sale of these rings as the designer.


What are your daily reminders of our control-less life?