Hello darlings,

there are times I really enjoy being Greek and being blessed with sunshine and good weather almost year round is one of them! February has been very gentle weather- wise and its last days more so! As March approaches so does the promise of spring and everything is brighter and more fun!

I am not a super traditional gal but I like the tradition about the red and white March bracelets. Tradition says that the one who wears these bracelets from the first day of March is protected against sunburns. Although science knows better and we should always wear sun protection, wearing a little bracelet like that is cute and a fun story to tell your kids.

I wanted to make one for myself and my nephew and I came up with 4 different and super easy ways to make one of these March bracelets!


All you really going to need is red and white thread. I used embroidery thread in red and white and a cotton yarn in white for a thicker result. 


A 3.0mm crochet hook (for bracelet #4)

A couple of pieces of tape

A pair of scissors


This is the most common version of the bracelet. 

Start with a long strand (50-60cm) of each thread color.



Take both strands between your thumb and index finger and twist them together.


Now without letting the ends go, bring them together. That should form a 4 strand twist that stays in place.


Make a knot on the one end and wear the bracelet by knotting the two ends together around your wrist.



Easy, fast and cute, right?


For the second bracelet ( the one I made for my nephew) I used the macrame method. I used 2 strands of red thread (1m each for kid size, 1,5 for adult), 2 strands of white thread and 1 strand of white yarn for the middle.



Fold your threads in half and make a knot to form a loop.



Tape your loop on your table (or use a heave object to keep it there) and start your macrame knots. If you don't know how to do the knots, take a look at this pin here.


Once you reach the length you want, divide the threads into two strands and make one knot to each strand to fasten the bracelet around your wrist.



 This version is super simple and cute! Just make a three strand braid with your thread! I used two strands of white cotton yarn (2 pieces each) and one strand of red thread (5 pieces of thread). 




Tape your ends after making a knot and start braiding!



Cut the excess thread and make another knot.



Cute as a button!



I couldn't leave this post without a crochet bracelet now could I? This version of the red and white March bracelet is my favorite!


All you need to do is use one strand of red and one strand of white yarn and crochet some chain stitches!

Take your two threads side by side. Make a slip knot.


Using your 3.0mm hook make chain stitches to fit your wrist ( I made 37-38 stitches for mine). 



Secure your thread and wear with a knot.



And here they are all together!




I know many people like to embellish them with beads and evil eyes and stuff but I like mine only with thread. After all, tradition says that when you see a stork or a swallow you take the bracelet off and leave it on a tree for the birds to find it! That's why I only use cotton thread for these bracelets, since anything synthetic can cause trouble.

So, which one is your favorite?


Are you making a "Martis" bracelet this spring?