Tips For When You Get Locked Out Of Your Home

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If you are like me, I am sure you have lots of things on your mind all the time! So, I am pretty sure you've all made the mistake of getting locked out of our home at one point. It can be even easier to do when it's the summer as we are spending time outside, and then realize you have left your key in the house! Here are some tips and tricks for when you get locked out of your home.

Check to see if any of the windows are open

One tip you need if you get locked out of your home is to check to see if any of the windows are open. Check around the home to see if you have left any of the windows open. If they are slightly open, you will be able to push one of them open and wriggle yourself into your home. You may need to get the ladder out of the shed to be able to get to one of the windows on the top floor. If you do this, make sure you are careful, so you don’t end up falling off the ladder. It would be worth calling a neighbor over so that they can hold the ladder for you while you climb up to the window. If you don’t have any windows open, and it’s an emergency, you may want to break the window with a garden object. Remember if you do this, clean it up quickly, and get it repaired ASAP.

Girl climbing ladder

Call a locksmith to come and let you in

An additional tip for when you get locked out of your home is you need to call a locksmith to come and let you in your property. A lot of people try and avoid this as they think it’s expensive. However, it can be a safe way to get back inside your home. If you do have to break into your property, you could end up causing more damage that will end up costing you a fortune! You can look online to find a good locksmith such as Lock, Stock & Farrell are a locksmith who will come out quickly in an emergency.

Use a plastic card to get inside the door

Another tip you need for when you get locked out of your home is to use a plastic card to get inside the door. Get a card out of your purse that you don’t care about ruining. If you don’t have a card, use a piece of plastic you may have in your garden. You can then wedge it between the door and the frame, and then push the card in and bend away from the door knob. Here is more advice about getting back into your home after being locked out!

Remember in the future to leave a spare key with a friend or family member. That way, you can contact them to get them to come out and let you in your home! Also, go and speak to a neighbor if you do get locked out of your home. Even if you don’t know them well, they might be able to advise you on how to get back into your property. Or at least let you use their phone to call a locksmith to come and help you back in!

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Any tips of your own from your experience? Please share :)

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