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If you’re a new home owner, you’ll soon discover the joys of having maintenance work to deal with. A house is a complex organism, so a lot of things can go wrong for seemingly no reason. Unless you’re a home maintenance expert, you’ll want certified specialists in your phonebook for when these malfunctions happen. Here are some of the common problems you need to call a professional to fix.


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Plumbing Defects

Running water is a luxury of modern living, but it can often have its problems. Pipe and draining systems around the house can be intricate, so you don’t want any components failing.

Plumbing problems can come in all sorts. Leaky pipes can make the house too damp. Blocked pipes can prevent running water. Low water pressure can make it tough to shower. Dirty water can also find its way into your pipes, which you’ll want to fix immediately.

Plumbing is one of the last problems you should try and fix by yourself. If something goes seriously wrong. you could cause dampness or flooding in your house. Using a plunger to fixed a blocked toilet is fine. But if you have leaks, dirty water or need to fix a blocked sink, it’s better to call on someone who knows pipes well.

Electrical Faults

Electricity is another complicated aspect of a home. First of all, when you move somewhere new, you should have your electrics checked. Electrical wiring around the house should be up to modern standards. Bad electrics can put you at risk of high energy usage, electrical shocks and even fires.

Some problems, such as a power trip, can easily be fixed by flipping a switch on the circuit breaker. It’s not uncommon to have lights go out or power to turn off temporarily. If it becomes a recurring problem, then it might be time to take further action.

If your electrics are constantly failing, it’s a sign of a problem with the circuitry. Don’t try and fix this yourself- meddling with electrics is not only difficult but also dangerous. So if there’s something strange with your electrics, who you gonna call? A qualified electrician like those found at http://lolaelectrical.co.uk/.

Structural Issues

Many problems can start with the exterior of your house. Poor roofing can lead to leaks and moisture inside the house. Improper insulation can cause dampness and mold, and make your house colder than it should be. Gaps in walls can bring cold air and pests in.

It’s worth having a home inspection carried out before you even buy a house. This can help identify problems with the foundation of the house as well as interior problems. A home inspection can also give you an idea of how much money will be needed to fix it.

It’s worth paying to fix any structural problems. As well as making your home more pleasant to live in, a well-maintained house does wonders for property value.

Pest Problems


Household pests come in many forms. Rats, termites, bed bugs and other insects can find refuge in your house and cause various problems. If you notice any pest problems occurring, you should contact an exterminator to stamp them out immediately.

Relax, being a homeowner is not without challenges but with the right help you can definitely have piece of mind!

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