Hello darlings,no  matter what time of year it is, it’s important to utilise your outside space as much as possible. Fresh air is so good for you. It can lift your spirits, help you feel more awake or rejuvenated. It’s just a magic cure for when you are feeling a little run down (actually it's because of vitamin D but I will talk about it in another post). Sadly many of us don’t make more of our outside space. One of the reasons that is can be down to making your outside space functional for you. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a few modern twists you can do to make more of your outside space and garden. I hope it inspires you to be outside more not matter what the season is.

 Zone off your space

 Let's be honest, most gardens and outdoor areas are a little boring. They can be one lump of space and that's it. Which is why a great way to make more of your garden is to zone off some areas for different functionalities. You could consider a raised decked area for socialising, eating al fresco or just enjoying your morning coffee. Make sure you make it safe by adding a rail system and glass barrier from places like SHS Products Limited. Perfect for if you have little ones or to add that cool, modern edge. 

Keep it tidy


A tidy garden means you are more inclined to spend some time in it. So make that happen by investing in a storage solution to keep the mess at bay. You might want to consider a shed which is a very versatile space. Or if you don’t have the room storage boxes are equally as good. If it’s tidy, or at least easy to maintain, you are more likely to enjoy your outside space more. Plus a minimalist approach is a very modern way to live.


Make it functional


The last thing anyone wants is a garden that isn’t easy to maintain or isn’t functional. It needs to work for you and your family otherwise you will never spend time in it. If you need a large flat surface then consider a lawned area rather than a lot of plants of flowerbeds. Equally if you want something more pretty to look at then get rid of large open spaces and get planting some cute florals.


Add some colour


Colour will always be a way to entice you to the garden. If we are surrounded by positive things then it can make us feel much better on the inside. Many people like spend time outside so add a modern touch to your plants and coordinate your colours.


Schedule in time and make it happen


Finally, we won’t use the outside space unless we make it part of our daily routine. This is when it may be important to invest in some modern furniture so that you can make your outside space more use friendly. Perhaps a seated area to enjoy drinks or read a book. Maybe even a dining set to be able to cook and enjoy food outside.


I hope this has inspired you to add a few modern twists to your outside space.


Lot's of love