Hello darlings,

the bathroom is where we all go to freshen up. But have you ever thought about freshening up your bathroom? With new designs and technology being introduced into every other part of our home, why not also take a few steps to modernise your bathroom. Here are some of the additions you can make to get your guests talking.



The tap

If you’re still using one those ancient taps with a separate faucet for boiling hot and freezing cold, it’s time to get a new tap. You can find an affordable plumber that will reconnect all the pipes for you – don’t stress trying to do it yourself. I recommend a tap that doesn’t turn but uses a handle, as turning ones have more of a tendency to leak over time. Invest in a waterfall tap if you want to really show off!

The shower

Some of us never use a bath, either because we never get round to or simply prefer the idea of a shower to sitting in a pool of our own dirt. Either way, if you’re not using your tub, why not make room for a walk in shower? It saves clambering over the side of the bath. One of the newest trends is installing ceiling shower heads that appear to make it look like it’s raining from the ceiling. You may also want to look into an electric shower if you haven’t already got one. Prevent having to wait for the hot water tank to reheat just so that you can have a shower.

Walls and Floor

Retiling your bathroom is the best way of bringing a new sense of freshness to it. Mouldy grouting looks horrible and makes the bathroom feel unclean. Take some time to retile yourself at the weekend, or call in a professional.

As for the floor, you can now invest in under floor heating to stop that dread of stepping out of the shower in the winter. Carpets in bathrooms are a crime against humanity - they constantly get wet and fall apart. If you have a carpet in your bathroom, make the world a better place and get rid of it!

The Toilet

Many people don’t think much about modernising their toilet. In fact, most people don’t think much about their toilet at all. It serves one function - and that isn’t to look pretty. That said, many put up with leaky single flush toilets, in which the cistern takes years to fill, not realising that toilet technology has moved on quite a bit in the last few years. Having a dual-flush action allows you to control the amount of water you use when flushing, saving your water bill. Have a button flush is also much easier to clean than a handle (or, God forbid, a chain if you still live in the 1900s). You should also read about the proper way to clean the toilet at toiletrated.com. It’s definitely something to consider next time you’re sitting doing your business.

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