Hello darlings,

writing a DIY is been a long time coming but having a little loaf of bread around can do this to you! Hence, this is a long overdue tutorial and a very simple one at that.

It combines my love for recycling and my love for making jewelry! It's also a way to feel better for totally screwing up (pardon my language) my laptop's keyboard! Some spilled tea, some yarn fibers and some years of acquired dust can do that to your beloved keyboard.

If you have one yourself, here's a way to recycle it!


Supplies needed

The poor old keyboard

Simple ring bases

Strong glue



The procedure is pretty much self-explanatory! 



You just pull out the keys you like, glue them on the ring bases, let them dry 



and ta-da!!!



I chose the keys "home", "end" and "del". Home is an obvious one, I love my family and they are my home. I chose DEL because we need to be reminded to delete the bad thoughts and go on with the better ones! And the END for the same reason, we need a reminder to end some things, open new doors and keep walking. Am I being too philosophical? Well, anyhow there are many more keys in this keyboard so I will probably make more rings or pins!





In the meanwhile, these three rings are up for grabs in a little giveaway I am throwing just for fun. All you need to do is like and share the contests photo and you are in! Find the photo on facebook here. Good luck!!!