Right now everyone's thinking about buying that great Christmas gift and the garden is pushed the the back of a winter focused mind. But before you know it summer will be here again so thinking about it early could give you the time you need to plan it right. Getting the perfect garden takes time, dedication and a good amount of perseverance. So with these idea spawning tips you can get started.


Keep It Green Year-Round

 If you use evergreens you can give your garden that professionally landscaped feel. Boxwood shrubs can be used to train pathways or borders and give your garden a brightness that’ll last through winter. They look especially good when decorated with lowlights.


Create A Focal Point

 By using small retaining walls around trees or high flower beds you can draw attention and create a bespoke feature in your garden. They aren’t even that hard to build and you can definitely do it yourself.


Pave It Over

 If you like a garden but don’t like having to maintain it then why not pave it over. You can leave one or two grass patches if you’d like for a bit of colour or plantation but you can use a patio for parties, sunbathing and all the usual garden activities. Just be careful if you’ve got children, stone is harder to play on that grass. You can even get some great paving deals at Pavement FX Concreters.


Keep Weeds Under Control

Nothing ruins a garden more than a clutch of weeds breaking up from between cracks of stone or entwined between you lovingly planted flowers. Remove plants that compete with what you want your garden to look like, particularly in a small space like a pot where they are more obvious than in a larger garden.  Adding an attractive mulch will stop any weeds from setting up in your garden. If you have to you can break out the weed killer, but be careful not to spray the plants you want to keep. Remember to dig up the roots, there’s no point in picking the stem because it’ll just grow back.


Use Edible Herbs

They look good, they smell good and they taste good, what more could you want. Having fresh herbs to hand can help with cooking but they also stay green and make your garden look good. They look great stacked on a shelf or windowsill.


Get The Right Furniture

Using the right furniture in a garden can make it quite homely, but be realistic, if you’ve got a box garden you need to use a small table and chairs, not a long eight seater other wise it’ll make your garden look even smaller. If a table and chairs are a focal point in an outdoor garden, then adding some colour to the table with a living plant arrangement can be a real draw on the eye.  Use herbs that you can use as a freshly picked garnish when eating outdoors like parsley, coriander and chives.  They provide wonderful digestive enzymes too, so they’re even a healthy addition for your guests.

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