Having a stylish home is important to many of us - it’s where we relax, entertain guests, and live ours lives, so we want to feel proud of it. Sometimes, however, it can seem that having a home which is on trend can be at odds with a space in which it’s comfortable to live. Many fashionable items of furniture aren’t created with functionality in mind, never mind comfort. Trying to strike that balance can be really tricky, but the style it creates has a term: transitional. This is where modern meets rustic to create a  balanced style which is both great to look at and great to live in. If this sounds like the answer to all of your interior design woes, keep on reading.


Make it comfortable where it matters

If we could all have our way, we’d never need to choose between comfort and style, and the two would live harmoniously. However, this is Earth, not heaven, so we have to work with what we’ve got. Yes, if we were millionaires we might be able to afford a sofa which is both comfortable and designer, but when it boils down to it, wouldn’t you rather have a sofa you can lounge on, rather than one you can admire from the other side of the room? For your own sanity, you have to put comfort first when it comes to sofas, office chairs, and beds, otherwise, you’ll live to regret your expensive decision for the rest of time.


Bring style in visually

The best place to inject style into your home is with things which serve no purpose but to look great. The only exception to this is soft furnishings, such as rugs, cushions, and blanket throws, which can look great and feel wonderful too. Otherwise, keep the rest of your more functional furniture fairly plain, and inject color and interest with wall art, interesting trinkets, and beautiful fabrics. They’re far easier and more affordable to change with the seasons too, so staying up to date is a piece of cake. A fireplace can make a beautiful, elegant focal point of the room, and even brings comfort in the form of warmth. If you’re in the market for a new fireplace, check out this review by Phlips Paul for modern, stylish fireplaces which are a great addition to a room.


Buy what you love

Remember that what you find beautiful and stylish, someone else might not, and vice versa. There’s nobody but you that can decide if an item of furniture or an accessory fits with your style, and your vision for the room. Shop for things you love, not things that you’re expected to love because some designer says it’s fashionable - it’s you that has to live with it. Go shopping, get a feel for things in person, don’t trust the photos and reviews online for products that you’ll have to live with.

 You define your sense of style, so it doesn’t matter how ultra modern, countryside-chic, or anywhere in between is - if you love the pieces you buy, they’ll work well together.