Hello darlings,

 thanks to the personalities, interests and ideas of those who inhabit them there are countless styles of kitchen decor to choose from. Some are classic, harking back to formal monochrome, others are dainty, pretty and impossibly chic just like the Parisian kitchens they’ve been inspired by, while others are a futuristic fusion of high-tech gadgets, gleaming surfaces and spotlit skylights like you’ll see in many a test kitchen. 


One of the most well-known designs farmhouse kitchens are clean, cosy, comfortable they aren’t pretentious or cold and are often where you’ll find a freshly baked sponge. These kitchens are lived in; they’re warm and oh so homey, basic yet incredibly functional much like the land that the farmhouses sat on in days gone by. To create a farmhouse kitchen go for square flagstone tiles, wooden open shelving, large wide sinks and, of course, a huge handcrafted wooden kitchen table and bench seating. Add little touches like a gingham tablecloth, flowers in vases or jam jars full of fruity preserve to make it yours. 


Soft close cabinets, shiny units, American double fridges oh the modern kitchen does have a few tricks up its sleeve. If you love the idea of soft mood lighting, pop up spice racks or serving trestles and gleaming chrome fixtures and fittings this is the one. Push the envelope with incredible frameless cabinets, built-in ice makers and sleek hardware. These kitchens aren’t designed to be cluttered so keep things simple with clean lines, limited kitchenware on display and no fussy ornamentation. 


Tudor kitchens were big, open and noisy spaces thanks to open fires, having to prepare everything from scratch and numerous servants running around the place. Thankfully we’ve left that era far behind although elements of the past can still be found in a traditional kitchen. Some still contain period furniture like tall, welsh dressers, heavy iron pots and pans as well as original mouldings from wall sconces. These kitchens are defined by detail, from the arches, decor, and furniture to the original glittering chandelier even the knobs on the drawers and cupboards may be antique. 


Imagine the warm feel of golden rays caressing your back while you sit in a patch of sunlight in a light, airy terracotta kitchen. Spanish style kitchens have always been incredibly popular as they’re bright, busy and beautiful. Infuse some European flavour into yours by adding hand painted tiles, blues and yellows are quite common, stained wooden cabinets, a flared cooker hood and a beamed ceiling. For similar worktops visit countertopsstl.com and pick your favourite. Mediterranean families are all about getting together, having fun and eaten delicious home cooked food so why not brush up on your tapas making skills? 


When you think of the cottage kitchen what comes to mind? Is it cutesy, charming and playful? Because you wouldn't be far wrong. Cottage kitchens are happy, easy and carefree they don’t conform to a particular style, and you’ll find a mishmash of themes, ideas and kitchenware around the room. Look out for white bead board, soft harmonious colours, vintage furniture and patterned table cloths and curtains.