It’s something that has been passed down from generation to generation; a saying that will resonate only too clearly with those who couldn’t quite get everything in order before it all came crashing down. Whether it was homework, a school project or even a new home when you first moved out, The Five P’s are now becoming more true than ever - Preparation and planning prevents poor performance.

It’s not just us humans that are affected, though. We all have a duty of some sort to take care of the things we own, whether electronic or living. A plant will need water, an oak table will need polishing, a boiler will need servicing - it’s all just part of the way that life works. What we put our time and money into will always work better than that which we don’t - it’s just the way it goes.


Preparation and planning

When it comes to getting ahead of everything that life has to throw at you, preparation is always key. You could look and see what  water softener systems reviewed would give you the best outcome for the longevity of your kitchen appliances; you could batch cook your meals for the next couple of weeks and freeze them; you get the drift. It applies to almost anything, and can be implemented on either the most simple or trepid of tasks. By staying in control and becoming aware of what is potentially to come, you are saving yourself more work (and money) in the long run.



It is hard to prevent the unexpected. There are methods that you can put in place to avoid the unexpected happening, but the thing about the word ‘unexpected’ is that it means that you were not looking for it to happen. At least, not any time soon. But it could happen, and it could happen very soon - never put anything out of your mind that has the ability to go wrong. While there are jobs set for those who are good are predictions, the majority of things that do so can be prevented. Make sure that you are timely with services, keep everything in amazing condition and be gentle with objects to prevent further damage.


Poor Performance

 When we give a poor performance, it is usually because we have not prepared ourselves enough for what is to come and to be able to naturally handle the situation. When an object is showing poor performance, it was either of an awful quality from the offset or it has not been maintained to the standard that it should have been. If it has already happened, think about what you could have done to prevent the performance diminishing, or it breaking altogether. At the very least you can take this information forward and use it productively. Just a few little things done every day and formed into habit can help to prevent something deteriorating in front of your very eyes; whether it’s cleaning, clearing or simply turning off correctly, make sure that you take the correct steps with everything to ensure it lasts.