Hello darlings!

Once you’ve moved and unpacked the essential furniture into a new space, it’s time to have some fun by putting in the little touches that turn a house or apartment into your home. Books, picture frames, and carpets are just the beginning. Let’s get creative by throwing in some unique home decor that will make excellent talking points the next time you have visitors.

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Splash some color around

Liven up a white room by hanging up some colorful art pieces, carpets or blankets that will also be very useful in the colder months. Paintings on a canvas could be something by a well-known artist, or maybe something a little more abstract to stir up a debate. Often, the best pieces to hang up and show off are things you’ve picked up on a trip. They serve as reminders of an excellent time and are useful to pick up a lull in the conversation.

Clear and bright

If you appreciate a well-crafted sculpture, but doesn’t relish the thought of a heavy stone gathering dust in a corner, why not consider something made of heady glass instead? Glass art has a natural beauty, can come in several different colours and when it captures the light it spreads across the room in the most spectacular way. The type of sculpture you choose can be an artistic statement of its own, whether you opt for small, fragile and understated, or large, strong and imposing. The possibilities are endless.

Add a creative touch to essential pieces

Lamps don’t have to be just a source of light; certain designs can be creative and make for interesting talking points. Some are made in a way to cast beautiful shadows or give off a subtle mood lighting to add to a calm and romantic atmosphere, which is not a bad idea for the end of a date. Similarly, mirrors can have a stylish and colorful frame, bookcases can have an unusual design, and coffee tables are made from alternative materials. There are so many designs out there to suit individual taste and make your home stand out to your guests.

Be environmentally friendly

Who knew you could do your part for the planet by decorating your living room? Independent artists take our rubbish from tips and recycle them into beautiful decorations that will give a unique style to any space. These can range from everyday things like frames, coasters, cushions and so much more. Whether you buy them from select stores, online, or attempt to make them yourself using your own recycling, these will look great in your home and get all your guests talking.

Natural beauty

You can never go wrong with flowers. If you stick to what’s seasonal, you’ll find that your home is filled with different kinds of plants on a weekly basis, depending on how long they bloom. This also means that there will be something new to point out each time you have a visitor.