We all want to take care of our homes, that much is obvious. Even an Akamatra like me does, lol! But there's one issue that just about everyone finds themselves dealing with. You end up spending so much time in your home that you almost stop seeing it properly. That might sound a little odd, but it's a sensation that you've almost certainly experienced for yourself. If you go to someone else's house and they haven't cleaned recently, then you can tell almost immediately, but in your own home, it can sometimes be difficult to notice which areas need a little bit more love and attention. With that in mind, here are just a few parts of your house that you need to stop neglecting.


The floors

Unless you spend all of your time staring at your feet, then it can be pretty difficult to pay particularly close attention to the state of your floors. This can be a pretty big problem since your floors are the place where you're likely to end up making the most mess. Even people who are obsessively careful about never walking around the house in their shoes won't be able to avoid treading little bits of dirt into their floors. CarpetCleaningReview.com is a great resource to find carpet cleaners that will help you bring even the dullest carpets back to life. If you have tiled or hardwood floors then there are plenty of places online with all natural and highly effective floor cleaning solutions. Or if you are like me you may want to make sure and make it yourself with white vinegar and orange peels!


The windows

If ever there was a case of being unable to see the wood for the trees, it's the windows of your home. You probably look through your windows every single day, multiple times. But that means that it's a pretty rare occurrence that you actually look at the windows themselves. If you did, you'd be much more likely to notice the buildup of dirt and grime that ends up on just about every window in any house. Make sure that you add your windows to your regular cleaning routine because once you notice the dirt on them, it's going to be practically impossible to ignore.


The walls

This is hardly something that you'll find yourself having to deal with particularly often but you really shouldn't neglect to give your walls a decent wipe down every so often. This is particularly true if you have children. As adorable and wonderful as they are, kids are no strangers to getting a little grubby from time to time. There's a pretty good chance that dirty handprints could easily find their way onto the walls. Not to mention the kind of havoc that kids can reach with a single wall and a handful of crayons!


These kinds of jobs might not seem like much of a big deal, but you'll find that after you've cleaned these areas your home is just going to seem much brighter, cleaner and more pleasant to be in. Not to mention the fact that even people who've never stepped foot in your home before will easily be able to tell how much care you take over it.