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We tend to think that losing weight has to be hard. It has to involve depriving oneself of everything one enjoys, going on an extreme exercise regime and giving up on fun until target weight is reached, but this simply isn’t true.




Sure, if you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to cut down on the junk food, and you’ll probably want to exercise at least a few times a week, but you definitely don’t have to live like an aesthetic. In fact, you could lose weight just by changing a few simple things in your kitchen. Here’s how:


Get Rid of the Junk


You don’t have to give up junk food completely, but if you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to significantly cut down on the amount of ‘bad’ foods you eat. Ideally, to help you with this, you should completely rid your kitchen of the offending items that cause you to overeat and binge whenever you’re hungry. If you don’t want to get rid of your cookies and chips completely, at least store them in a high cupboard, which is out of the way and not as easily accessible as the counter. That way, you are much less likely to reach for a bag of chips when the fruit bowl is easier to access.


Buy Smaller Plates and Bowls




Time after time, research has shown that people who eat from smaller plates and bowls take in around 44 percent fewer calories on average than those who eat from larger ones. So, simply by stocking your kitchen with more compact crockery, you could finally ditch the excess weight and start eating much healthier portions.


Install a Blender


If you don’t already have a high-speed blender in your kitchen, now is the time to invest in what will be one of the best appliances you’ve ever purchased. A good blender will help you to increase your intake of low-calorie fruits and vegetables by allowing you to easily make healthy soups and smoothies.


Eating soup before a meal, or drinking a small smoothie will help you to feel fuller, which means that you will probably eat less overall.


Start Using a Slow Cooker


If you tend to eat out or order in a lot because you’re too tired to prepare a healthy meal when you get home from work, bringing a slow cooker into the kitchen is an excellent solution. Once you have one, you can prep and cook your evening meal while you’re at work so that when you get home, it will be ready and waiting to be dished up, and that means no more calorific pizzas and Chinese takeout meals for you. We are totally in love with ours!


Paint it Blue


Research has found that the color blue is able to suppress the appetite. So, if you have trouble controlling your portions, and you never feel quite as full as you should, painting your kitchen in a light shade of blue and using blue crockery could help you to rectify the problem. Just stay away from red, which is thought to stimulate the appetite, and could be part of the reason why McDonald’s fries are so moreish.


Pin Up a Meal Plan


When you’re looking to lose weight, it can be so easy to go off plan and eat something naughty simply because there is nothing in the fridge to cook and you have no idea how you’re going to put a meal together. By looking up healthy meal ideas at Momma Jane or The Kitchn, and then planning your meals for a whole week, pinning a meal plan up in the kitchen, you can ensure that you’re always organized and able to create a healthy meal.


Fill It with Plants




Planting herbs and veggies in pots and containers in the kitchen is a great way to ensure that you always have something flavorsome and healthy to help you cook a meal. Often, it is because we think that healthy food lacks flavor that we opt for greasy, sugary and salty foods, but if you have a kitchen well stocked with herbs, that will no longer be a problem.


Make it Comfy


If you make your kitchen comfy by decorating it in colors you like, adding personal possessions, comfy stools and attractive kitchen counters and cupboards, as well as a TV or radio, you’ll be more inclined to actually spend some time in there cooking nutritious meals to help you drop the weight you wish to lose.


Has your kitchen helped you lose weight? How did it work?

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