We are still on vacation but I wanted to share a few thoughts and ideas on a matter close to my heart. Child's playground and how to make it work! I keep stressing out about it and writting a few thoughts down makes it easier to organise it in my head. So I created a small guide, hope it helps out!


Every child, no doubt, has a dream of having their very own space to play in, relax in, hideout, watch movies, or whatever else they like to do. With our tips below, you can turn your garden shed into a child’s dream playhouse where they can spend hours having fun.




Remember that proximity to you and the house is important – you always want to be able to keep an eye on your little one while they have fun playing in a safe and secure environment. That’s why converted garden sheds are the perfect solution. You can put one right outside your back door, and ensure that it is properly damp-proofed, insulated, and properly decorated for your child’s age, activities, and interest, you can transform the garden shed into anything you and your children want it to be – their only limit is their imagination.


So, go through a step-by-step guide below and convert your humble shed into your children’s dream playhouse.


The first step is to start planning out the playhouse. Sit down and make a couple of lists. One list should detail what exactly your children will use their special space for. Another list can incorporate your, and your children’s, initial requirements for the new, fun, and stimulating space.


The next step is to work out the layout and size of the playhouse, using your first set of lists as a guide. This will help you with proper planning and make sure you don’t over buy unnecessary items.


Thirdly, take a good look at the state of your current shed and where it sits in your garden – is it going to do just as it is, or do you need to make a few changes first?


Now, sit down and create a job list with dates and deadlines. Clearly mark out which jobs you will deal with and which ones you want your kids to get involved with or take care of altogether. Don’t forget to make a list for the professionals you may need to get in, too!


Now, when it comes to working on the shed, a great place to start is by damp-proofing it to ensure your little ones can enjoy their special place all year round without fear of damp. Next, insulate the walls, ceiling, and floor, and cover with a plasterboard, tongue & groove, or ply. 


Your kids may want to run their gadgets, plug in a TV or radio, or even plug in a heater during the winter. So, install electricity via wind power, mains, or solar, and then install lighting, whether you decide to go with mains-operated fluorescents, LED, halogen, or lamps, or even more economically, battery-operated push lights.


Speaking of heating, you may want to consider installing heating be it in the form of underfloor pipes, tube heaters, solar air heaters, convection heaters, or even portable radiators. 


If the kids are going to be surfing online in their space, connect it to the internet via power line adaptors, home Wi-Fi, or tethering to a mobile and then install guttering or connect it to your main water line.


Finally, secure your shed, install storage, and have tons of fun decorating the space with your kids!


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