Hello darlings!  So, you are back from the super market and you are standing outside your house with a toddler in your hip, since she didn’t want to sit in the stroller, your groceries in bags hanging from your soon-to-be-detached-by-the-force-of-gravity fingers, the stroller slipping towards the road with the rest of I-just-need-a-couple-of-things groceries on every available surface and your other hand in your oversized bag frantically trying to find your keys.

Sound familiar? To quote Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade:
I have one big and very heavy set of keys that has the cunning ability to disappear when I need it the most. So I decided enough is enough! I need a way to find my keys quickly. I need a large lanyard that would be difficult to pull a disappearing act in the depths of my bag. So I made an infinite one! I am kidding. I just made a large infinity symbol one. Take a look how I did it.

30 cm of regaliz leather cord.

A 4cm x 10cm piece of soft suede leather

Hot glue and hot glue gun (I also use these cause I have a tendency to burn my fingers, but if you are not a dork like me you can go without)

Key ring(s)
A pair of scissors



The procedure is super easy and I am not just saying that! **Sorry for the quality of the photos, I took then late last night when my daughter was asleep**

You take your leather cord and turn it into an oval shape. Place your key ring through the cord.

Pinch the oval in the middle to form the infinity symbol. The key ring is going to be on the one side of the symbol. You can use two key rings and have one in each loop of the symbol, it’s up to you.

With your hot glue gun, glue one of the open ends to the side.

Then glue the other open end. Hold together until the glue cools and dries.

Now take your suede leather and glue it in the center of the infinity symbol to cover the open ends.

Fold it around the center a couple of times and glue it close.

You are done! See? Told you it was easy! I hope this will work and I’ll not have to do another size upgrade!



 Now let’s see, where did I put my glasses?
Lots of love