Hello there my darlings!

The other day I shared with you my pumpkin soup recipe and you seemed to like it (you should, it is yummy!).

Some of you asked how I made the pumpkin puree so I managed to take a few photos from my latest pumpkin gutting. Here is my detailed process with as many photos as my phone could take since I broke my DSLR camera.

*signs miserably*



Since we are a family of 3 I bought half of a large pumpkin. The process is exactly the same of course if you get a whole one. You just cut it in half and do the same as me.



Using a spoon take out all the seeds and those gooey fibers too. Place the seeds on a plate, wash them and place them on a oven safe pan for roasting along with the pumpkin. As I’ve told you before they are delicious!



Cut the pumpkin in large pieces and place them on an oven sheet.



Bake them for 1hour at 150Celcious.


Take them of the oven and after they cool enough to be easy to handle peel the skin away. It’s easier than peeling them uncooked.


Place the cooked pumpkin in a food processor or blender or use your hand held processor and turn it into a puree. I don’t overdo it since I like for it to have texture.



You can store it in freezer bags for some months. If you buy a larger pumpkin and do the process once it’s more time and energy-saving.



Apart from my pumpkin soup you can make savory or sweet pies, desserts and many more delicious things!



I am going to be showing you my favorite pumpkin pie in a few posts, so stay tuned!


What have you recently made with pumpkin? Any good recipes I'd love to hear!!!

Lots of love