Sooner or later, we all come to the realisation that the interior of our home needs a repaint, and finding the right contractor can be a real challenge. There are plenty of painters out there, and if you want the best, focus on contractors that specialise in quality work. Some companies see a contract as something that needs to be completed as quickly as possible, and at the lowest possible price, while others view each new project as a design challenge and they take great pride in transforming the client’s vision into reality. If you are soon to be looking for a good painter, here are some things to avoid.



  • Avoid Uninsured Contractors – It matters not how good, or careful they are, as accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and you can look for reliable Gold Coast painters online, who will be happy to provide a quote for any interior or exterior painting project. Any company that is not insured should be avoided, and this would be the first question a potential contractor should be asked.
  • Cheap Paint Products - Any quality painter would insist on using the best quality paint, and there would be details on their website about the brands of paint and other coatings they recommend. To be successful in this very competitive industry, longevity is essential, and you can only have that if you use the best quality products and apply them professionally. There are plenty of informative blogs that highlight the reasons why hi-end paint is worth the extra money
  • Inadequate Resources – While a one man show might look professional, he would not have the resources to complete a major house repaint, therefore, look for an established contractor who has been in the business for at least 5 years, as they would have the necessary resources to ensure a smooth completion. 
  • Avoid Advanced Payment – In the event the contractor asks to be paid in advance, this is a strong indication that all is not well. It is human nature to be a little slack once payment is received, and to avoid this, don’t part with any more than a small down payment, besides, a quality contractor would never ask in the first place, and he would be very happy to receive payment when you are happy with the finished product. 
  • Know What You Want – Prior to searching for a painting contractor, spend some time thinking about the concept you would like. While some painters are very creative, most prefer to have firm guidelines. Leaving this to the painter is not recommended, as they might have different ideas to you, and without firm direction, the end result might not be what you had in mind. 


Hiring the right painting contractor is something that can be done with a few online searches, and by asking all the right questions and taking the time to view a few of their completed projects, you should be more than happy with the outcome.

Lots of love