Hello darlings!


Do you by any chance suffer from a case of bad planning? Are you one of those people that really want to get the job done but you can't find a way to start your plan? Do you often get frustrated when things don't go your way and wish you had a plan?


If you've answered yes to any of the above, then don't fret! I am here to tell you, there is in fact a way to help you plan even if you are bad at planning!




1. Own it!

The first step to solving this problem is acceptance. You can't change something if you don't know you are doing it right? So take a moment to realise what is it exactly that you are bad at. 


Is it focusing of the end result that stops you from starting? Do you get upset when you think of all the potential difficulties in your way? Do you know what you want the end result to be but don't have a clue how to reach it? 


You just have to calm down, take a few breaths and find the point you are bad at. Once you realise what the point is it will be easier to either ask for help on that specific part of your plan or find a way to overcome it by yourself. Once you accept that you are not a super hero that should be able to do anything, you will actually become more confident in your own strengths!


2. Stop overthinking!

On that super hero note again. You guys! You don't have to have everything figured out from the start! Not in the every last detail! Being a perfectionist can hither your chances of actually making a solid plan! You don't have to make it perfect, you just have to make it work!

If you overthink everything you will drown in the stress and that will prevent you from actually planning and seeing your plan through. Take it a day at a time and don't let the stress of the end goal stop you from starting!

3. Start taking notes!
You don't have to write a book, or even the actual plan. Start small with taking notes of random thoughts and ideas you have about your project. Revisit these ideas later on and add a tag to them. For example, let's say you want to build a house, so you write down a few ideas about the materials you would like to use. On your second look of these notes write the word that associates with these materials, i.e. kitchen counter top, or bathroom tiles. In time, this notebook will be the basis on which you base the financial plan for your house.

And if you want to stay motivated and take your notes, use one of these planners from OldEnglishCompany. They are so good looking you will want to write in them all the time. Oh and you can even win a whole set of them in their latest competition.

4. Check(list) please!
So, you know what you want - that's your gold at the end of the rainbow - but you don't know how to plan for it. It's time for a checklist!

Checklists are fun! I promise if you don't feel a sense of accomplishment each time you'll put a check besides an item on the list, I will never eat chocolate again! *says while keeping her fingers crossed*

Seriously, take small parts of your goal and turn them into lists, spreadsheets, whatever works for you. Having a to-do list will put you in planning mood for sure.

5. Can we be friends?
Whenever I have a house related problem I can't fix I call my dad. He always knows how to help me. You can do the same with your problem. Well, don't call my dad, he doesn't even speak English. Rather call a friend or someone you know that either has been where you are or is known for his/hers skills in the matter that troubles you. Like I do with my dad.

Don't let your overly technical pal drown you in unknown lingo though. Be like Denzel instead and ask for simple instructions!




So there you have it! Five small steps to help you plan even if you are bad at planning!


What was your latest plan that you saw through? Any tips you want to share? (and no, planning to devour a bar of chocolate doesn't count!!!)


Lots of love