Hello dalrings!


I need to come out and say it: I love eBooks! Literally I adore them! Exactly as much as I adore paper books! Yes, you’ve read that right! I love eBooks just as much as I like regular printed books! 


Here are my 13 reasons why I love eBooks and I am not afraid to say it! 



1. They are books, dah!


It’s common sense really! An eBook, meaning an electronic book is in fact a book! It has pages, it has text, it has heroes and heroines, it has a cover page and a last page. You can loose yourself in an eBook just as well as you can in a regular book. The story in an eBook is not different from the story of the same book in printed form. Shocking I now! 



2. They are cheap(er) 


Usually eBooks are cheaper than the printed book due to lack of printing and material costs. If you read one book per year that will not save you much I know. But if you read 10 books a month, the difference in cost is one to consider. 

Best part? There are A LOT of totally FREE eBooks out there. Granted that’s sometimes a marketing strategy to get you hooked up on a series and make you buy the next book but a) who cares bring me free books and shut up and b) there are also whole series of free books! 

Also there are many great bargains and sales that come as low as $0.99 for a book! 



3. I can take them with me everywhere 


I only need my smart phone and some battery time to read anywhere and everywhere! You can download Amazon Kindle for free and read on your phone without an e-reader or a tablet. There are many apps out there that work great! My favorites apart from Kindle are the Cool reader and the PocketBook Reader which supports Adobe DRM. 

If you use your phone all day like most of us do, you can have a book with you at all times. If you worry about the radiation, take a page of my book (pun intended) and turn your phone to flight mode. 


4. I can read in the dark 

This is the reason I got hooked on eBooks in the first place. Nick can’t sleep with any kind of light and I used to suffer because I couldn’t read in bed. With an eBook that’s solved because I can turn the background to black and lower the light and I don’t bother him or Natalia.

passage taken from one of my favorite books by Marie Force, Marking time.

It was one of the things that kept me sane during the first months of breastfeeding Natalia when I was held hostage on the couch or in bed by 8 o clock the afternoon. I must have read hundreds of books that first six months! 



5. I can buy the next book in the series with a click 


Say I read the first book on a series of books. If the book is already out I get a prompt and can buy it with just a click. No more waiting for the mailman to come, no more wasted days in suspense! 

If the book is not out I can pre-order it and have it delivered to my email the moment that is out there! How convenient is that? 



6. No trees are harmed in the making of an eBook 


Do I really have to build a case around this argument? OK if I must! 




I love the smell of a paper book but I prefer the smell of a forest! 


Mic drop 



7. I can read the prototype 


When I started reading eBooks six years ago there was almost nothing written in Greek. I read only English eBooks and that was fine by me! Not only did I practice my English skills but I could read the prototype of so many English and American writers I loved! The difference is staggering! Now I can really appreciate a good translation and stir clear of the bad ones. I can’t stress enough how fulfilling it is to read the exact words the author meant to write! It makes all the difference to me!

One of the best parenting books ever written about gentle parenting. Isabelle Filliozat at her best!


Plus, there are books out there not available in hard copy in my country and I am not always travelling abroad so the eBook is definitely a save! 



8. Available in Greek too! 


You might think this comes in contrast with reason #7 above but it doesn’t! First off because there are many brilliant Greek authors I can now read the eBooks of in Greek. Secondly, no matter how good I’ve become in reading English books, I always read faster in Greek! In the time it takes me to read a book in English I can read 1.3 books in Greek and yes I have timed it! 


I am now reading Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast in Greek by Metaixmio. They’ve got all the books of this series and I don’t need to tell you how good they are do I? 



9. I never run out of books 


I have a whole library in the tips of my fingers. And I mean whole libraries!!! Enter bookworm mode!



10. I don’t need a new room to store them


I might need some extra space on my storage cards but not another room in my house! I almost never run out of space and I don’t need shelves to stack them (although I would build new ones if I had that many books, I don’t really mind). 



11. They can’t be bent


No one can take you beloved book and bent the edge of the page to bookmark it! I mean who does that to books right? 

Well you don’t have that problem with eBooks. They have a cool thing called bookmarks with only one tap! 




12. I can customize the font size


Have you ever read a book you loved but the font was too small? Too faded? Maybe the pages where stack together from the previous owner’s eating habbits? (Again, who does that?) 



You don’t have that problem with eBooks! I can change the color of the background (see #4), the color of the letters, their size and their font too! 



13. I can highlight them without ruining them 


Yes, yes I can! I can highlight any passage of the book I want to and remove it anytime I feel like it too! So no permanent damage is done to the book! Cool, right? 


So there you have it, here are my 13 reasons why I love eBooks. Do you love them or hate them? Have you ever thought of giving them a try?

Lots of love