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Redecorating your home often entails a process of painting walls, varnishing woodwork, or using sealant to protect surfaces. Even when taking meticulous care, this type of work can result in spills, drips, and leaks that can damage your flooring. While tape can be used to protect the edges closest to the walls, it's wise to use something to protect the rest of your floor as well.





This is where Flooring Paper comes in. Laying down large sheets of paper, which are specifically manufactured for this purpose, can help ensure your floors are protected from damage. There are several different types of paper and each type can be utilized to protect flooring in various situations.

The most common types of flooring paper are:

  • Red Rosin paper
  • Builder's paper
  • Flooring paper
  • Contractor's paper

There are companies that specialize in providing these various types of paper and can answer any questions you may have about these important products. Businesses, like Trimaco, employ professional customer service personnel, who can provide you with information about the ideal type of paper to use in your situation. This will ensure you're providing the best possible protection for the flooring on a job site or in your own home.

Selecting the right type of paper can protect most types of flooring, including:

  • Linoleum
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Carpeting

Builder's Construction Paper

Builder's paper comes in large rolls, making it a more cost-effective perspective. Rolls are large enough to provide enough paper to complete several jobs and the paper itself is thicker and more durable than other options. It can be used to cover the flooring for construction or painting jobs, but some customers also use it as a resource for craft projects.


50 Lb Protective Paper

For lighter jobs, 50 lb protective flooring paper may be a better choice. Since this is a thinner paper, it can be sold in larger rolls, making it ideal for bigger jobs. It allows the customer to cover a broader space without overusing the paper.


Rosin Paper

Available in either red or brown, rosin paper is better at handling messier jobs, or those where you may be handling large quantities of liquid supplies. This is because it has a moisture barrier that will protect your flooring from damage, due to seepage, leaks, or spills.


White Top Construction Paper

White top construction paper is best for jobs that may take a considerable time to complete. The paper is laminated with a fiber coating that makes it especially durable and resistant to tears, spills, and punctures. It should be used in areas with heavy foot traffic.


Making use of protective paper can save you a great deal of money in terms of damages to your flooring. Whether at home or on a job site, using the right type of paper can ensure your floors and other surfaces remain unmarred by damage. When it comes to accomplishing any type of construction or painting job, this is a must-have resource.

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