Five Tips for Storing Your Push Lawn Mower for the Winter

The cold weather has set in, you are preparing your home into a cozy retreat for winter and you’ve cut your lawn for the last time this season. It’s time to store your lawn mower for the winter. But, you want to take the necessary steps to make sure your lawn mower is ready for the next growing season. First, it’s essential to store your lawn mower in a dry, secure place. SteelMaster Buildings are an option if you want to safely store your lawn mower and other equipment throughout the winter. Checkout our five tips for storing your push lawn mower for the winter.

Drain the Oil

When you start up your lawn mower next spring, you want to begin the season with fresh oil. So, turn your lawn mower on its side and drain the old oil into a pan. Take the time to make sure all of the oil has drained out before replacing the plug on your mower.

Clean the Blades

Disconnect the spark plugs before doing any maintenance work around the blades of your mower. You don’t want any surprises as you try to clean the blades. The blades of your lawn mower are likely covered with grass blades, dirt and mud from your mowing work throughout the spring and summer. Turn your mower on its side and gently clean the blades with a broom. They don’t have to be completely clean but be sure to get the majority of the debris off them before finishing the job.

Tend to the Wheels

If you are storing a push mower, you can take steps to care for its wheels. Put some oil on each one of them. This can keep the wheels in good condition even when the mower is not being used for a few months.

Empty the Gas

Gas can go stale inside a lawn mower over the winter months. So, drain whatever is left in the tank. Try to arrange to use most of it during your last mowing, so there’s not much to drain out as you prep your mower for storage.

Cover the Mower

Cover your mower with a plastic, durable cover over the cold weather season. This keeps the dust off it giving you a clean lawn mower to start with next spring. If you don’t have a fitted cover for your mower, put blanket or sheet over it for protection.

Lastly, taking the time to prepare your lawn mower for winter storage can help you to lengthen its life. A good push lawn mower can last for years when it receives the right type of maintenance.