Hello darlings! You know me as a crochet addict but did you know I love to knit too? Well I do and as it happens I love to write knit patterns too so here is a T-shirt yarn headband knitting pattern for you!


In all honesty I was never a big fan of knit or crochet headbands. I usually went for the metal or plastic thin ones and those were the ones I used for my bow headbands on my etsy shop too. However after seeing your amazing responce to my crochet headband pattern and tutorial a few years back, I changed my mind about them and started wearing them. 

knitting pattern for a tshirt yarn headband

T-shirt yarn headband knitting pattern

Now, I am still a hat person more than I am a headband person but I do NEED to hold my hair back (especially now that I have bangs) when I wash my face or when I go to the gym. 

I can't stand wearing a wool headband so using this soft t-shirt yarn was a no brainer! I am super happy with how the headband turned out. It's really soft and stretchy and the best part is that it stays in place! I am sorry I don't have any photos of the headband worn but I can't get my husband take a decent photo of me...

knitting pattern noodle yarn headband

 Another thing I like about this knitting pattern is that it is really easy and perfect for beginners. As you have noticed in the photos I used circular needles to knit this headband. That's because I crochet more than I knit and I find that the weight of a straight knitting needle is more than I can handle for a long period of time. With circular needles though I feel more confident and my hands don't hurt at all. 

Another thing I like about this headband is that the fabric yarn I used to make it has a great stitch definition when knitted in the garter stitch. I love how it looks!

So let's go on to the knitting pattern, shall we?

T-shirt yarn headband knitting pattern


T-shirt yarn in any color. I used a light grey from Flying Tiger.

10.00mm knitting needles. I used interchangeable circular ones from Prym.

Pair of scissors

Yarn needle

soft headband knitting pattern

The pattern is as easy as 1.2.3.

R1. Cast on 7 stitches

R2. Knit stitch in all stitches

R3. Repeat R2 for 26 rows or until you reach the desired length that corresponds to your head perimeter. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

Now bring the two ends of your work close and sew them together with your yarn needle. Pinch them and cover the pinch by winding the long tail of the yarn over and over the center. 

knitting pattern noodle yarn headband

Secure the end of the yarn and cut. Your soft headband is now ready! See? I told you it was as easy as one two three!

tshirt yarn headband knitting pattern

T-shirt yarn headband knitting pattern

I love writitng easy patterns for items I use and I know my readers would love them too. If you have any requests about a pattern or an idea I would love to talk to you about it. You can usually find me on my instagram so feel free to shoot me a DM if you'd like. 

If you use this pattern to make and sell your headbands, please link back to this post. Thank you!

So, tell me, how do you like this headband? Would you wear it?