Those of you who follow this blog since the beginning, know all about the bows I used to make on etsy. They were best sellers and I couldn't make them fast enough. Also, they were one of the most satisfactory things to make! So cute and beautiful! During this difficult time, when I have to remind my daughter numerous times per day to stop touching her face, keeping her hair away from her face was a must! Last time I made her some crochet amigurumi animals for her hair. Now, I made her some hair ties and clips with cute ribbons and lady bugs! They are super easy to make and super cute too! Read below for my tutorial on DIY bow hair ties!

DIY bow hair ties1

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DIY bow hair ties


Bias tape 3,2cm or ribbon or fabric scraps

Lady bugs 3D stickers

Hot glue and hot glue gun

Elastic hair ties

Snap hair clips


Thread and needle

DIY bow hair ties


I am going to show you three different ways to make these hair accessories. 

Hair ties with bias tape.

It's pretty easy to make these. Cut of a 14cm piece of your bias tape and fold it like the way shown below.

DIY bow hair ties12

Pinch the center of the fold and sew with white thread together forming the bow. Then cut a small piece of bias tape and cut it in half lenghwise.

DIY bow hair ties11

Take that small piece of tape and use it as the center of the bow. If your bow is going to be on an elastic hair tie, then you should make a sandwich with the bow, the hair elastic and the piece of tape that will become the center of the bow. Then sew the ends of the bias tape together, secure and cut the thread and you are done!

DIY bow hair ties7

If you are going to put the bow on snap clip, then form the bow and sew the center piece on. Then, using hot glue, glue the bow on the snap clip.

DIY bow hair ties8

You can do the same steps with the other ribbons you have or with your fabric scraps.

DIY bow hair ties

If you want to make cute ladybug snap clips, you are in luck! All you have to do is remove the back of the adhesive sticker on the ladybug and glue it on the snap clip. It's that easy!

DIY bow hair ties6

I love how easy it is make cute and beautiful hair accessories for my daughter's hair!

DIY bow hair ties5

DIY bow hair ties4

DIY bow hair ties

I think they look great and I am very proud that they are so easy to make!

DIY bow hair ties3

DIY bow hair ties1

I hope you have a good time making these!!!