When it comes to designing your home, there are unlimited choices for designs and remodeling. Whether you are starting from scratch or renovating an outdated model, it is best to consider a few things, such as colors, patterns, and materials. However, you should always choose a design that can stay relevant for years and not just for a few months. And while not all of us have thorough knowledge when it comes to picking cabinets when renovating a kitchen, some trends are considered timeless and would fit well both in the present and the future. Read below for some timeless trends in kitchen cabinets!

Why Should You Stick To Classics

Since the start of kitchen designing, cabinets were always considered to complement the kitchen's overall interior. With so many designs quickly trending, it is no surprise that most of them would become irrelevant in a short period. 

 On the other hand, classic trends stand firm against irrelevancy and integrate well with various colors and appliances. And although many are turning to new designs, many homeowners prefer cabinets, particularly usa cabinets, that have been in style for so long. These classic trends are still consistent, even with today's standards. 

Here are some cabinet designs that you can incorporate into your kitchen’s style.


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Timeless trends in kitchen cabinets

Classic Whites and Neutral Grays

You can never go wrong with a white cabinet. White cabinets are always accessible as it is treated as a blank canvas. It never contradicts other kitchen patterns and fits well with various themes. 

On the other hand, neutral gray offers a sleek background and sophistication that has become an increasing trend. As beautiful as it can be, it poses a challenge to blend with different themes, although it remains a neutral color to be considered a safe option. Neutral gray can take you out of your comfort zone. 

Blue Is New 

From light blue to deep navy cabinetry, the blue color palette rises in popularity while also staying as an all-time classic. Any shade of blue goes well with a wide range of themes that can improve your kitchen's style. And just like the colors white and gray, blue is the new timeless asset. 

Bold Contrast Over White 

As mentioned earlier, white is the most popular and classic color for kitchen cabinets. While white cabinets can be a great go-to, adding a contrast of intense or pastel shades on your kitchen cabinets enhances vibrancy. It makes the overall design attractive for homeowners and guests.


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Timeless trends in kitchen cabinets


Rustic cabinetry is all about a mountain-like lifestyle. Featuring large cabinets, warm colors, and quality wood designs, what makes rustic cabinetry unique and timeless is its matte and rugged design, imitating the authentic feel of mountain wood. No trend can copy the experience you’ll feel with rustic cabinetry.


Slab cabinets often come with contemporary kitchen designs. However, they are proven to show off a modern look. If you want a classic and inexpensive design, then slab cabinets can be a great choice. 

 Slab material is inexpensive and requires less labor than others. It also offers a flat-panel cabinet structure, as well as easy to clean kitchen countertops.

Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets offer an opportunity to put your collectibles, dishes, and glassware for display. Incorporating glass doors to your cabinets instead of wall-to-wall door panels creates a fresh impression that lightens and eases your kitchen's mood. 

Open Cabinets

If your kitchen has limited wall space, open cabinets would fit well for you. Removing door panels and placing them in close to reach areas is a design trick that makes small kitchens feel open and airy. Additionally, with this cabinet, you must categorize your items to make them pleasing to look at and, at the same time, organized.

Deep Drawers

Aside from design and how it complements the kitchen's theme, cabinets must be functional and space-efficient. The fixtures matter the most when they can store several items. Because of this need, deep drawers became a timeless trend in kitchen cabinets.

Extra-deep drawers remove the need to clutter and display items in your kitchen, offering the much-needed storage than typical base cabinets. It is a good choice for homeowners with various items that needed to stay in storage for a long time.

 Natural Wood 

Much like neutral shades of white, gray, and blue, wood designs have proven to be a timeless and worthwhile investment. These natural shades can be incorporated in floors, cabinets, and accents that would go well with other colors.

Timeless trends in kitchen cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets 

With their simple design and panel doors, shaker cabinets stay consistent with their function, while still becoming a classic trend in every kitchen design. It offers great organization and a lot of storage space. This cabinet style also comes with different door panels and knob designs for a more pleasing look.  



Cabinets are long term investments that require attention upon purchase and installation. However, with so many choices for kitchen cabinets, choosing the right one should involve considerations for both aesthetics and function. With design and themes changing over the years, it is best to rely on timeless pieces that prove to be excellent choices for your home’s design.