I have the flattest hair you can find in a person. They are flat. No volume. Nada. Whatever I do to them they remain stubornly volume-less. I am also round headed. Can you picture it? Yeah, it's not always a very cute picture, especially during the hot summer days when I need my hair to stay away from my face! I've found a cute-ish solution in wearing headbands. I love the T-shirt yarn headband I made some time ago and I wear it often. Recently, I was gifted a skein of Hooked Ribbon yarn by my friend Nathalie from StudioBelovely in Caramel and I decided it's time to knit another headband for my flat hair. So here it is, my Knotted headband knit pattern.

Knotted headband knit pattern 2

This time I made it with a knot in the front ( I may or may not have the hope of this giving me some much needed volume) kind of like a turban but a bit different. I tried a while back to sew one too but it didn't work out in the end. This one however gave me a very satisfying result and that's why I am sharing this pattern with you. I hope you don't need it for the same reason I do, but that you'll find it useful!

Knotted headband knit pattern


Hooked Ribbon XL yarn in caramel.

10.00mm knitting needles. I used interchangeable circular ones from Prym.

Pair of scissors

Yarn needle


Knotted headband knit pattern


CO: cast on

K : knit

P : purl

sl : slip a stitch

kfb : knit 1 into front and back of stitch

k2tog : knit two stitches together


Knotted headband knit pattern


1. CO 1 stitch.

2. kfb

3. P

4. kfb, k1

5. P

6. kfb, k2

7. P

8. kfb, k to the end

9. P

10. - 17. Repeat rows 8+9. You will now have 9 stitches on your needles.

Knotted headband knit pattern

18. sl1, k8

19. sl1, p8

20. - 54. Repeat rows 18+19. You can customize the length of your headband by knitting less of more rows of stockinette stitch in this part.

55. sl1, p8

56. k2tog, K to the end

57. P

58. repeat 56+57 until you have only one stitch on your needles. Cast off and secure yarn.


Knotted headband knit patternKnotted headband knit pattern 1

Doing a overhead knot, create the knot with the two triangles that you've created at the two ends of you ribbon. You can also sew it in place if you want, but I find that it's better to leave it as is, because as you wear the headband it will relax and expand and this way you can take the knot apart and redo if tighted if need be.

 Knotted headband knit pattern 3

I wear it all the time, especially when we go to the beach and I now have flat hair no more! Or just the illusion of it. Whatever. It works kinda!

 Knotted headband knit pattern 4

Do you like headbands? I bet you have gorgeous hair, don't you?