I have a confession to make. I get overly attached to things. Or at least I used to do that before I had my daughter. Now everything I own is hers. But before, long before my daughter came to be I used to get really attached to things. Like our bathroom tiles. I loved those ugly green and white tiles but my mom didn't so they had to go. I had to cry about it. I also cried when I had to give away my first car. I really, really loved my car! So, yes, I spent the evening ugly crying after giving my old car away. Wanna know why? Read on to find out why my very first car was my favorite one and see if I was overreacting or not!

seat ibiza

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My very first car was my favorite one!

It was free

My first car was a hand me down used Seat Ibiza 5 door car my family had bought and used for over a decade. It was metallic grey color and his name was Herby (if you are one of those non-sentimental types who doesn't name his cars, you will never understand why we sentimental types need to name them, but that's ok, we like you anyway!).

Herby was a very well behaved car for all the years my dad used to drive it. Then my sister got it for a couple of years to get around the small town she lived in when she was studying for her Masters degree and then it was time for me to get it. So I got it for free! How awesome is that? Especially considering the loops and holes you need to get through to get a car today if you don't go the PCP way!

My very first car was my favorite one!

I didn't care for scratches

Herby and I had an understanding. He would take me everywhere I needed to go and I would try hard not to knock him into places. I was living in campus when I first got him and it was really easy to avoid minor (and major) accidents due to the wide space. No small parking space, no closed parking spaces, you get the picture. If you are not like me and you care about your car's looks though, you should definitely check out ethoscarcare.com

But even when I did scratch him I didn't really care since it was an old car. It was perfect for a new driver and being carefree in terms of small scratches was very important to me. Now if I had had a new car as a new driver I wouldn't be able to enjoy it so much because I would worry all the time to keep it in perfect condition. But not my Herby, my Herby understood!

what I loved about my first car

My very first car was my favorite one!

I learned so much

If you ever got the chance to play around with a car I am sure you will agree, there's a lot to learn there! I had to learn so much with Herby. You see, Herby was an old guy and he was getting older and older. And he had pains. Lot's of pains! Mostly with the refrigerator system and I don't mean the air-conditioning because Henry didn't have one. 

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I am talking about that special probe that tells the car's ventilator that the engine's temperature is higher than it should and then the ventilator starts to work to cool the engine down (I really hope this makes sense cause if it doesn't then obviously I didn't learn that much!). Henry's temp probe was faulty all the time! The auto shop guys I was talking him to kept telling me to through Henry away but I didn't! Instead, I asked one of them to show me how to wire the ventilator cables in order to bypass the probe and keep it running all the time.

And that's what I did! I used one plastic clamp from an old hand free (you know the part that clamps on your clothes to keep the hands free in place) and I wired the cables whenever I had trouble. It's safe to say I was known around the town I lived in as the chick that knows how to wire the ventillator (their words, not mine).

My very first car was my favorite one!

So you see, I loved Herby so much and I was very sad to see him go to a very poor family when it was time for me to get a new car. I considered giving it to a scrap yard but then thought better of it. It's been 13 years since then and I still miss him!

What was the brand of your first car? What did you like most about it?