I have a confession to make. I don’t really like tattoos. I mean, I don’t dislike them either, it’s more like I can’t relate to having one. I just never felt the need to have something permanently marked on my body. However, after seeing my fellow crafters having a craft related tattoo done, I am warming up to them! Want to take a look at some Tattoo ideas for crafters with me?

First thing’s first. If you are a crafter and thinking of having a craft – related tattoo done, you need to find the right tattoo studio to do it for you. I mean research and then research some more before you decide. You need clean, professional places with talented people to mark your body permanently, don’t you?



Photo by @swisspointe (with permission) 

Also, find someone with some craft tattoo experience, or someone who’s willing to listen to you about the design you need done. Especially if you are going for a custom design and you expect the artist to make it for you, she/he needs to know what a crochet hook is beforehand. I mean, no one wants a yarn ball with TWO crochet hooks sticking out of it forever sketched on their body, do they? Not if they are crocheters they don’t!!!

Tattoo ideas for crafters

Use your creativity to come up with a beautiful and unique design. Blend more than one of your passions if you like to create something that is purely you! Use scissors, hooks and knitting needles, sewing machines, sewing needles and yarn to make it come to life! Then add to it by incorporating flowers, birds, your favorite animal, a nice (or naughty) quote. In the terms of creative tattoos, the sky is the limit when it gets to crafting!

Or you can go the minimalistic way and have a skein of yarn or just a hook! Like the one below for example. It's small, cute and get's the message through!

tattoo ideas for crafters 5

Photo by @crochetbyrads (with permission) 


The knitting community tattoo lovers are hands down the most creative I’ve even seen! They pour their love for the knitting needles into their love for the inking needles and the results are stunning! I mean look at this intricate design that Trailhead Yarns had tattooed to her hand! Isn’t it cool?

tattoo ideas for crafters 1

Photo by @trailheadyarns (with permission) 


Tattoo ideas for crafters

The crocheters are not far behind though! I’ve seen so many granny squares tattoos on shoulders of beautiful makers that would make a huge blanket if put together! I also really like the crochet hook tattoos. I mean look at this gorgeous one Sascha has on her arm! That’s art and love all in one gorgeous tattoo!

 tattoo ideas for crafters

Photo by @alasascha (with permission)


Tattoo ideas for crafters

There are as many sewing machine tattoos out there as there are pirate ones and I am not even kidding! I mean we all love our sewing machines right? However, the most ingenious craft related tattoo I’ve even came upon is the one with the one inch mark on your left index finger! How, freaking cool!!! You have your own ruler whenever, wherever!!! 

Now, embroidery tattoos are a whole new game! Because the new trend on the tattoo business is making tattoos look like embroidered patches! This is amazing if you ask me and I really appreciate the time that goes into making something like that. It reflects the time and love of a fabric artist creating an embroidery design on a hoop and I really love this connection.

Tattoo ideas for crafters

Now, personally, I would have a hard time deciding on what to ink on me. I love knitting and crocheting, but I also love embroidery and sewing, making things with paper and DYI the hell out of my house, lol. Maybe a MAKER tattoo like the one that Teresacoates has would best fit me? I am thinking of trying some temporary tattoo to see if it works for me. That way by the time the tattoo fades I will know for sure if I like it or not. In my research on the matter, I came across The Glitter tree, a UK brand that makes glitter tattoo for kids, teens, students and adults. They are vegan and cruelty - free, they use recycled packaging, and they long-lasting so you don't have to marry the tattoo if you decide it's not for you! I am thinking of getting a butterfly, using their glitter tattoo glue to get it on me. I will let you guys know what I decide after this test!

tattoo ideas for crafters 2

Photo by @teresacoates with permission)

Or should I go the more minimal path of a small ball of yarn with a hook? Maybe I should just write “proud hooker”? Nah, that’s too restrictive of my creativity. I am seriously thinking of having one with my motto on it: “Always making something”. What do you think? Would that look ok?

Would you consider having a craft related tattoo done? What would you like it to look like? In what body part would you have it done? If you do have one, please tag me to your photo so I can see!