Hello darlings,

this is a well overdue post. In fact it is so overdue I've since changed my phone, sanded the table where I take my photos and was a European citizen!!!! In all honesty photo editing is kicking my butt and takes a great part of my free time. Things have improved a bit now with my DSLR camera but when every tutorial has more then 25(!!!) photos it can take more than a week for me to process them all!


Enough with the delay, here is a great way (if I may say so myself) to make your own phone stand!

Want to know the best part?

It costs nothing and it is portable! You can hang it in your keychain!






Hey, I've talked about my gadget mania before! I've also told you how much I love to read e-books on my e-reader of my phone. Well combine the two and you'll see I was in serious need of phone stand! Lol! I know, I am turning the things the way I want them but this time, I did get my way and it was free!

What you'll need to make this phone stand is
some corks
any kind of painting tools you like (sharpies, acrylic paints, water colors, old nail polish etc)
a chisel
a keychain

The procedure is very simple and quite easy! You have to be cautious with the chisel though as always!

Choose your cork so that the round edges are not destroyed by the tirbouson. Place your cork on a cutting surface on its round edge. With your chisel carefully cut a piece longitudinally to create a flat surface.

Don't cut too much, just enough to make a flat surface so it can stand on its own when placed on that side.


Now make a cut on the up side of the cork (the down side is the one you just created by cutting the flat surface) as shown in the photos that follow. The goal here is to create a cavity that'll fit your phone. Don't be hasty, be patient!


First cut two parallel lines that wont go all the way down on the thickness of the cork but they stop in the middle of it. Then place the chisel on the vertical of those parallels and remove the semicircled slice of the cork. 



This is the starting point of your cavity. 


Test the cavity by putting your phone in it. It's not supposed to fit perfectly at this point. This will give you an idea of what you need to do to make it fit.

Since you want your phone to be inclined slightly to the back in order to be able to read, you want to make an inclined cut on the back side of the cavity, like the one shown here.



 Try it on and work in this manner until you reach the desired inclination. Make small careful cuts and try it on to avoid creating a larger than needed cavity that will not hold your phone.

As soon as your cork fits your phone well it's fun time! You can paint your cork however you like! It's well known that I can't paint to save my life! Honestly you guys I suffer as I say it but it is true! So I choose to paint the whole cork with acrylics and then I tried to design some of the same designs my phone case had.

Meaning cherries and strawberries and flowers. I used my sharpies for that.



Here's the result. I know! Go easy on me will you?






I also did one in white a gold "polka dots". I say "polka dots" cause these aren't really dots, lol! Oh dear lord I don't know how to draw a polka dot (face palm)!




I challenged myself by making a red one with pink hearts!




Again, the term hearts is freely used and does not represent the reality!


These were really easy and fun to make, especially if you can draw! They are also a great gift for your male friends if you don't paint them in girly colors! I know what I am giving all my friends as gifts this Christmas!!!



 You can take a keychain and attach it to the other end of the cork in order to have it with you at all times! Can you tell I am addicted to my e-reader/phone?










As you can see I got very excited with this project especially because it was my very own idea and - to the best of my knowledge - hasn't been done before.





Now I need to make some for my new phone which is slightly thinner than the old one!


What do you think? Are you going to try it? I would love to see photos if you do!!! Since making these cuties I've discovered another great way to make a phone stand which I will be sharing on another post! Wouldn't want to overwhelm you now ;)